2014 Peshawar school massacre

2014 Peshawar school massacre


Peshawar is a historic city of Pakistan and is the biggest city of KPK (Khyber Province). The province was called NWFP (North West Frontier Province) in the past. A sad incident happened that took major attentions of countrymen on 16 December 2014. A terrorist attack on the Army Public School on Dec 16,2014. There were seven gunmen, they attacked children of Army Public School.141 people were killed in the incident. This attack was the deadliest in Pakistan. This was similar to the attack on Russian Federation in 2004.

The Attack

In 2014 the armed forces of Pakistan were doing military operations in North Waziristan. It was revealed that 90% of the North Waziristan was cleared from the Terrorists. But nobody was expecting this incident at 10.30 AM. Seven gunmen from the  terrorist groups entered the school from the back. They were disguised as the Pakistan Preliminary Force. Warsak is an old popular area in the Peshawar Cantt.Army public Schools System runs 146 schools in the area alone.

They had set a Suzuki Bolan to fire before enterting the building. They moved straight toward the auditorium.They did not plan to held many hostages but planned to kill the pupils as many as they can. The pupils were forced to watch the dreadful scene of killing their beloved principal (Madam Tahira Qazi). The gunmen took hostages and kept them in the auditorium block.

The army medical forces were called immediately for medical attention. The gunmen took hostages in the administration block as well. Army Corps of military police were also involved. The security forces reached the place and done tremendous job to intercept the terrorist communication. A huge number of teachers were there around 1100. Rescue forces were able to rescue 960 of them which was an act of honor.The KPK provincial government announced approximaately $5000 as compensation to the kin of each deceased victim.

Taliban Took Responsibilty

The movement of Taliban also took the responsibility of this act. The leader of the terrorists said that the army targetted our families. Our six fighters entered the school on our outside instructions and support. They never could have done it without us. A video was released by TTP on their website about a man named Umar Mansoor saying that he was the master mind behind planning this attack. The following terrorists were involved in this attack with their names.

Abu Shamil

Nouman Shah Helmand

Wazir Alam Herat

Khatib al-Zubaidi

Mohammad Zahedi

Jibran al-Saeedi

The SIM of cell phone used by the terrorists was registered on the name of a woman living in the Hasilpur Area of Punjab.

Reactions To Attack

The attacks were very much condemned by Pakistani community and the  government organizations. Political and religious organizations all seriously condemned those attacks. Pakistani media also highlighted this event and strongly condemned it. The national reaction was  strong in opposition of such attacks but also international actions were strong. Primie minister of Pakistan called it a national tragedy. Pakistani artists and musicians also expressed their feelings and some songs were created to expres sympathies and support to the deceased.

Reaction Of Malala Yousaf

The daughter or KPK and the brave girl who got hurt by the hands of Taliban for the cause of education, also expressed deep feelings and respect for the deceased. She was  heartbroken and sad due to this senseless acts of terrorism. She is the nobel prize winner for Pakistan and  she lives in UK these days with her family.


The aftermath was  serious as well. Pakistani media referred to this  attack as 911 of the Asia. The Taliban are trying to solve the military and personal problems wit guns that is very shamefull. In 2015, Pakistan also renamed 107 schools after the killed children  in the region of Khyber patktoon Kwah. The Army Public School Peshawar was re opened in January 2015 and  the Pakistan  Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif  attended the assembly held in the school at morning time.



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