Aaron Swartz, a programmer and internet activist

Aaron Swartz, a programmer and internet activist

Aaron Swartz is famous programmer and internet activist. Aaron is called genius of the internet. He was born on 8 November in 1986 in Chicago. His parents were the eldest son of his family . His father also works in IT industry, he own and IT Company named Mark William Company. From his early it’s said that Aaron immersed himself into study of computer, programming and internet. Aaron taught himself to reading when he was only three years old and in the age of twelve Aaron created a user generated encyclopedia. Later after Aaron was invited to world wide web consortium (w3c) of RDF core working group and awarded with ARS Digita Prize when he only thirteen years old.

Early Education and Courses:

Early Education Aaron Swartz takes from North Shore Country Day School, which was a private school near Chicago. He was left high school when he was reached at ninth grade and got enrolled himself into different courses. He was moved to San Francisco after completing the courses for writing code for creative common. Aaron Swartz studied sociology from Stanford University. He was download law reviews papers during his stay in Stanford. After then the he was join the y-combinator which is said to be a incubator for upcoming internet talent. In 2008 Aaron wrote Aaron wrote the Guerilla Open Access manifesto which was an argument again information being controlled by a particular group.

internet activist:

Aaron Swartz was launched activist group named as Progressive Change campaign committee through his campaign. Aaron was several times detained, he was engages in several hacking activities. The most famous hacking activity of Aaron was known within PACER, its’ said that result charges of this crime was 35years of detention in federal prison. Over the next coming years after this, Aaron was added in multiple counts of original charges. In his last days he was observed very frightful against the federal charges and their implication.

tragic death:

On January 2013 he was found dead in his apartment, hanged with belt around his neck. Initial report were announced his death as suicide.

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