Abdul Qadeer Khan, great Pakistani Scientist

Abdul Qadeer Khan, great Pakistani Scientist

There is saying that “great people are always great” Abdul Qadeer is one of the greatest scientists who are among us. He possessed extraordinary quality of knowledge that makes his personality favorite and ideal for most of the Pakistan. He is considered as national hero of Pakistan after his major contribution in making Pakistan as atomic power. From 1976 till 2001, He was served as the director general of the Kahuta Research Laboratories.

Early Life and Education:

Abdul Qadeer Khan was born on April first 1936 in Bhopal India. He was belonged with well educated family. His family was migrated after when Pakistan came into existence. His family early after came to Pakistan settled in Karachi. Early education Qadeer Khan gained from Ganwary Primary School and did his matriculation from Hamidia High School which was the most distinguished educational Institution. Abdul Qadeer himself very dedicated to study and learning, graduation he takes from in metallurgy from Karachi University, Pakistan. Completing his graduation, he was employed after by the Karachi City Government and worked as an Inspector of weight and measures in Karachi. But that not all that he wanted, he was determend to become engineer or scientist, so he successfully reformed himself what he wanted to be. After his job, he went to West Berlin, Germany. Where Abdul Qadeer obtainded his engineering degree from Delft University of Technology and doctorate from Netherlands

Awards and Contribution:

Abdul Qadeer came back to Pakistan on 1971, in the reign of Z.A. Bhutto when He was asked to join Pakistan for highly secretive, plane making of atomic bomb. Dr.Abdul Qadeer khan was in Holland at that time and serving there at a very well reputed scientific and research institute. For the nation sake, he left Holland and cam to Pakistan. Kahota as a place decided for atomic research of his sole selection. His contribution for atomic explosions at Chaghi in 1999 is his uniquely served. He was awarded with hilal-e-imtiaz on 1989, Nishan-e-Imtiaz on 1996 and again for Nishan-e-Imtiaz on 1999 and more sixty gold medals from different part of the country. His character, services and achievement of of Qadeer Khan are simply being idealized and followed. Dr. Qadeer khan possesses all the qualities that make him hero.

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