Albert Camus , The First Man

Albert Camus , The First Man

Albert Camus was born on November 1913 in Algeria. There are two languages most frequently spoken in Algeria one is Arabic and second is French. He was French and Arabic inspired Algerian French writer. Albert’s mother was Spanish descent and his father was poor farmer who was a martyr of First World War. Albert’s father was died when He was a year old only. He raised in so poor and underprivileged environment that His mother worked as house cleaner.

Early Education and Higher Education

Albert Camus was hardly accepted for early life of education, although later on he was graduated from university of Algiers. In his college & university life, He work part time tutor, car park clerk and assistant at meteorological institute. 1935 in the age of 22 he successfully gained his BA in philosophy (licence de philosophie ). He was a great admirer of Plotinus in university life, that is why he wrote his thesis on Neo–Platonism and Christian thoughts (Néo-Platonisme et Pensée Chrétienne ). After his Master Degree completed, Camus join French communist party. Though most of the critics consider him not communist, reason they present that Camus was against inequality behaviors of native Algerian and Europeans and most strongly in his own life he never suggested Das Kapital or tagged Marxist ever, also when in 1937 He joined Algerian people party , the communist come against of him .

Marriage Life and Personal Life

Albert first marriage was failed with Simone Hié , and second marriage with Francine Faure on 1940 who was a famous pianist and mathematician was quite successful for few years . Five years after his marriage, he was blessed with twin’s daughters Catherine and jean. During his life he was remain involved in numerous affairs that why he remain failed conducting successful marriages life

Books and Awards

Camus wrote his first book in 1942 named with “the stranger” ( L’Étrange) and second book “The Myth of Sisyphus”( Le Mythe de Sisyphe). The Myth of Sisyphus was written after when He was met with the great philosopher Sartre. In 1949 he give another hit novel The “Plague”(La Peste) and “The rebel” which was philosophical analysis . In 1950 he joins UNESCO but soon after two year later he resigned. In 1960 He wrote “The First Man” (Le Premier homme) His master piece which won him Nobel Prize in Literature. First man is his own biographical novel Through this Novel Camus write his own life story .

Death and Funeral

Albert Camus was died on 4 January 1960 in a car accident. Throughout his writing career he wrote several Plays and Novels. His plays remain very famous in his contemporary’s age but after death he is mostly known from his Novels.

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