Aldolf Hitler Short Story-Hitler and German History

Aldolf Hitler Short Story-Hitler and German History

Adolf Hitler Was most popular German Politician. Hitler was one of the famous Leaders of different political Parties likes, Nazi Party, National Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler stayed a chancellor of Germany for the 12 years from 1933-1945, he was also the dictator of the Nazi Part. During World war 11 Hitler was the Dictator of the Nazi Party.  Hitler Was strictly against the Jewish and their ideology, he boycotted their capitalism and communism system.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the small town in Austria. His father’s name was a senior custom senior official and his mother belonged to a poor family. Hitler was not good in school, but he had the potential of Leadership.  During a Competition in the school, he refused to performance with his fellow students and enact to battle with fellow students. He failed in the final Exam and left the study at the age of 15. He went to Vienna after the death of his father in 1903 with all the money which he received through the in heritage of his father.

In Vienna he wanted to start his career in arts education, but every academy rejected his application. He had the talent of leadership, he inspired by the Anti-Semitic, Nationalist and national Christian –Socialist Party. During the time of 1st World War, he joined the Army as a Volunteer and fight for the Germany Army and showed a good performance and after winning the battle, Hitler gained lots of awards for his bravery.

Hitler became the blinder in a gas attack in October, 1918. He went into Hospital and later on, he got his eyesight after lengthy treatment.  In that it was a bad time for Germany, Hitler roused as leader of National Socialist German Workers’ party, after lots of hue and crew there were 56, and ooo became the member of the Party. In 1930, Hitler gained the control of the government after the election; Hitler took the step for German Economic and started different programs for German Economic and Pout away Unemployment.

Hitler invaded against Poland in 1939 and second world war started in result. Hitler conquered different regions of  Germany.  During the War in 1944, Hitler started two much war and terror in response of Unsuccessful attempt. Hitler Died in  30th April, 1945 after committed to Suicide with his Girl Friend Eva Braun.

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