Aldrin Buzz”s life story, the second man who landed over the Moon.

Aldrin Buzz”s life story, the second man who landed over the Moon.

Buzz Aldine was born on January 20, 1930 in Montclair, New Jersey. He is a former most popular American astronaut, as well as he is the second person to walk-on the moon. He was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 11, the first crewed lunar landing in history. Buzz Set foot on the moon at 3:15:16 on July 21, 1969, following his commander Neil Armstrong.He also retired United States Air Force Pilot. His Father was a colonel in the U.S Air Force, encouraged him to fight.  Though he’s named after his father, it was his mother, Marion Moon, whose name brings fond of the spaceship.  Buzz always wanted to make the history, with his strong mission, he becomes the second man ever to walk on the moon. His full Name was Eugene “Buzz” Aldine Jr. The buzz was his nickname, when his sisters pronounced brother buzzer, which was later to become shortened Buzz.

Buzz graduated from Montclair High school, in New Jersey. After secondary education Buzz went into the United States Military Academy in At West Point. He graduated with the   degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating in mechanical engineering   Buzz Applied commission for the second lieutenant in U.S Air Force. Buzz also served as a fighter Pilot during the Korean War. After returning from the Korean War Buzz was stationed At Neil Air Force Base as an Air Gunnery instructor. Latter on he become the dean faculty member of the U, S Air force Academy. After His next station as a flight Commander of Bit burg air Base in Germany, where he flew F-100 Super Serbs, Aldine Returned to the United States to Complete the Doctorate in Astronautics from MIT.

After Completion of Doctorate in Astronautics Aldine started work at the Air Force Space system, Division in L.A. Latter on Aldine Completed his U.S Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base. Aldine Served as a  member of the  Back _ Up – Crew for the  Gemini 12 mission,  This mission was  very Important, because it  was the last of the Gemini mission, along with serving as a test bed for Extra- Vehicular Activity* (EVA) as previous attempts had been filled. During that flight Aldine Made records for EVA, including time spent outside the craft (5.4hrs), and proved unequivocally that astronauts could successfully work outside the spacecraft. Aldine Also served as Backup command module pilot for Apollo 8, during the Apollo 11 mission over the moon.

When the astronauts returned from the Moon, after a21 hours stay. Carried 26 pounds of the Moon Rocks.  Buzz Aldine Was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At that time he received awards and medals from 23 other countries. He retired from the Air force in 1972 after 21 years of faith full services. He continued to provide insight expertise to NASA, inspire depression and other problems. In 1993 Aldine patented as a design for a permanent space station.  He  was also the founder of the rocket design company called Starcafts Boosters, which is a nonprofit, Share Space. Aldine published several books; the most recent and important of which Magnificent Desolation records his life, including Apollo Mission, the Moon Landing and his own personal struggles.

Aldine got into marriage in three times. His first wife was a popular American Actress” Joan Archer. “He had three children from Joan Archer. His second wife was Beverly Zale, and third was Drags Cannon, who divorced on December 28, 2012.  Aldine is a Member of Montclair Lodge #144 of New Jersey.



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