Alfredo James Pacino, Great Hollywood Actor

Alfredo James Pacino, Great Hollywood Actor

Alfredo James Pacino was born on April 25, 1940 in New York City. He was grown up in East Harlem and Bronx. In the age of 19, Pacino moved to Greenwich Village for studying acting. There he was also began studying the art forms at the Herbert Berghof Studio, where soon he began landing parts in theatre productions. In the age of 29, Pacino performed in a play Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie. He received Tony Award from this play. In 1972. Pacino performed role as Michael Corleone in the film Godfather, and became most popular. In 1973 filmed was released Cop in Serpico, which enhanced his fame more after Godfather. After these hits there was no stop for the great actor Alfredo James Pacino, He appeared in hundreds of films after and still acting in Hollywood film industry.

Family Background:

Pacino is belonging to Italian American parents; he was not able to maintain any excellent education career, throughout his school life he was dropped out from many classes. English was his favourite subject in which Pacino could able to resist. In his life pacino adopted many low payee jobs as messenger boy, bus boy, janitor and postal clerk.

Acting Career:

Most of life, Pacino was acted in basement plays in New York theatrical underground. Whenever he tried to take actor auditions but he failed, then pacino started learning acting from British actor Charles Laughton. Charles Laughton was mentor of Pacino acting skills, golden era of Pacino acting career was previous thirty years, Pacino received his first academy award from play Big Boy Caprice was box office hit Dick Tracy in 1990. In 1991, Pacino started working Frankie and Johnny with Michelle Pfeiffer, which got mixed reviews. In 1992 Pacino awarded with academy award playing for the role in Big Boy Caprice. In 1992, won Academy Award for the best actor for the portly of Blind. In 1996, Pacino was casted for theatrical docudrama looking for Richard which was Shakespeare selected performance of his drama Richard. In 1997, pacino acted in the film The Devil’s Advocate which was another good movie for of his viewers. In 90’s he was several times multi nominated for Oscars.

Direction and Production

Except of his acting career, Pacino has also received applause for working as director. Looking for Richard which was released in 1996 was his direction. In 2000, he also directed and performed in the film Chinese coffee, nearly after many decades of coming in originals. In 2011 Pacino was directed the Oscar wild life story in film. As compare to his acting career where he working so progressively as actor but his production and direction part is slow and very few.

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