Alice Walker, Great African American Poet

Alice Walker, Great African American Poet

Alice Walker is famous American African writer and poet working today. She is one of the most admired ladies among the poet and writers. She is novelist, poet, and activists. Alice walker was born on 9 February, 1944 in Easton, Georgia. Alice grew up in very poor family, his father was a sharecropper and mother was house caring lady.

Early Education:

First education where she started from was segregated schools, she was attended her high school as the valedictory of her class. After her scholarship she became able to go Spellman College in Atlanta, she was moved after later to Sarah Lawrence College in New York City. She was visited Africa during her study in Sarah Lawrence as part of study abroad program. On 1965, She was completed his graduation.

Work and contribution:

She was published his first story in same year she graduated. She was started working as social worker, and became active in Civil Rights Movements fighting for equality of African Americans. He also worked as teacher and lecturer. Alice was a poet but mostly renowned as novelist, his fame of being a novelist and story writer was became permanent when in 1970’s his first talented debut work, collection of stories Third Life of Grange Copeland was published. After his first initiation, Alice was started to explore more writing forms and genres. In 1973, her second work was published In Love and Trouble, which was another good work, was considering in critics and in his fans. Alice poetry collection with the name Revolutionary Petunias and his first children’s book Langston Hughes: American Poet was emerged him distinguishably at Black Feminist Movement.

Books and Publication:

In 2004 , Alice walker proved himself as versatile writer by writing Now is the Time to Open Your Heart, after two years later an essays collection of her was published named with We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Light in a Time of Darkness , which was very appreciated. She publishes Hard Times Require Furious Dancing in 2010, in 2012 she published The Chicken Chronicles, in 2013 after continues writing she published The Cushion in the Road, which now greatly admired and adored.

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