Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Great Muslim Philosopher and Poet

Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Great Muslim Philosopher and Poet

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a great philosopher, poet philosopher and passively a political leader, who supports and favored many active political leaders. Leader like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he was directly inspired and influenced from him. Each nation, each country has history of his classics and tales of their legends. Either the way they are naturals and super naturals like Egyptian, Roman, Greek or Indian. Although Pakistan was emerged from India but as nation Pakistan was required hero for their moral ethical and philosophical needs and support. Iqbal was the person who distributed not only for Pakistan but for all Muslims the new thought of nations as Millat .

Early Life and Education:

Muhammad Iqbal was born in Sialkot, Punjab, in 1877. He was received his early education from traditional maktab centre. Later Iqbal was attended Sialkot Mission School, from where he passed his matriculation examination. He was gained his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Government College, Lahore in 1897. Two years later, he secured his Masters Degree and was appointed in the Oriental College, Lahore, as a lecturer of history, philosophy and English. Later he preceded to Europe for higher studies, studying after in Cambridge, Munich and Heidelberg, Iqbal was established a law practice, but mostly concentrated on writing, primarily scholarly works on politics.

Books and work:

Besides teaching and practising law, history, philosophy and religion. Iqbal continued to write poetry, He was best known for his poetic works, including Asrar-e-Khudi , Rumuz-e-Bekhudi, and Bang-e-Dara.In India, he is widely regarded for the patriotic song, Saare Jahan Se Achcha, patriotic poen dedicated for Hindustan. He widely known in Iran as Iqbal of Lahore for his is highly regarded work for in Persian.

Repute and Thoughts:

By 1928, his repute as a great Muslim philosopher was greatly admired that he was invited to deliver lectures at Hyderabad, Aligarh and Madras. These series of lectures were later published as a book “The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. In 1930, Iqbal was invited to preside over the open session of the Muslim League at Allahabad. In 1930, he shares the idea for a separate Muslim state in South Asia, when Muslims and Hindu’s were living under the British raj in the subcontinent. Iqbal was gave the Idea of a new country for the Muslims, which was later accomplished by Muhammad ali Jinnah. Pakistan was appeared map of the world on 14th August 1947 with Idea of Allama Mohammad Iqbal and the Leader Mohammad Ali Jinah. Who was gave the practical shape with his hard work to the Iqbal’s Independence Dreams.

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