Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi


Andre Agassi is a  retired professional tennis player and former No1. in the world. Aggassi was defnitely the dominating force in the Tennis history. In 90s and 2000s. He is an eight time grand slam champion. he was first man to win four grand slam titles. No American male tennis player has won the French Open after 2003.He won the Davis Cup 1990,1992 and 1995. He has some personal issues and troubles which declined his international rankings in the mid 90s. He again retained his world No1 position in 1999.

The Career And No1 Spot

Agassi was known as the Punisher in his top days. He played his last match in 2006 by losing in the US open to Benjamin Becker. He is the founder of Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation also in South Naveda. His father was an Olympian and a boxer.He had some family issues and his father made him play a football match at the age of nine just for money. Agassi also dropped out of the school in ninth grade.

In his early career he was ranked 91 till 1987. In 1988 he was still a teenager and managed to reach the semi finals of French open and US Open both. In 1990 his opponent in the final ws Pete Sampras who defeated Agassi. He reached his second consecutive French Open Final in 1991 where he played against Jim Courier.Courier also defeated him.

In 1992 Agassi defeated two world’s top players Boris Becker and John McEnroe.In 1993 Agassi won the doubles tournament. He remained in and out of the games due to injury problems. However he made it to Wimbledon where he lost to Pete Sampras.

In the period of 1994-1997, Coach Bill Gilbert worked very hard with Agassi to retain him as a super stat of Tennis in America. First he won the Canadian open, Then he went ahead and won the  US open as well. He finally defeated his old rival and world No1 peter Sampras in 1995 in Australian Open and reached the No1 ranking in the world. 1996 amd 97 were a bit low for Agassi, especially in 1997 when his injury again kept him out and bothered, but his glory returned in 1998 soon. He won five titles in 1998 and was awareded as the Most Improved Player of the Year Award.

He won the 1999 French open tournament and also reached the Wimbledon final.Agassi opened his year 2001 by winning straight against Armaud Clement. He was a bit disappointed in 2002 with his performance mainly again due to injury and losing to Sampras in in the US open. In 2003 Agassi won the Australian Open again and broke the record of his wife Stefi Graph. He retained his No 1 ranking in the world in 2003 again. His injuries became a permanent problem for him in 2003 when he had to forefeit from many events of the year.

His final years in Tennis were 2004 to 2006. he lost the Australian Open in 2004 but till manged to finish at the rank of world’s No 8 at the end of the year. He advanced to the final of US Open in 2005. In 2006 he had a poor start as usual to the year. He had a final run in the US Open because he had a swear back pain. He was under a threat of back injury. He managed to win the 2006 Australian Open Final.

Retirement Post Retirement

Agassi was the riches US Tennis player who won more than 30 million US Dollars in prize money.He used to earn more than 25 million US dollars a year. He played in the Charity tournaments after his retirement.  He also played a match for Cancer Treatment Organization in Arizona.He attended the World Tennis Day with Sampras in UK in 2014 and played an exhibition match.

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