Antarctica is a continent which is the least populated in the world.  It is situated at the southernmost corner of the world. This is the wonderful snow filled chilly continent and the driest winds blow here. The area 14,000,000 km2. 

It is the fifth largest continent in the world proceeding Asia, North America and South America. It is almost double the size of Australia. 98% of the land is covered with snow and ice which is 1.2mi thick. Antarctica also contain a desert. But the lowest temparature recorded in Antarctica is -89 degrees centigrade. The human beings cannot survive this killing weather, therefore only a maximum of 5000 people reside there. They are mostly researchers and explorers.

Microscopic organisms are also present there like algae, bacteria, fungi, plants, protista, Not many wild animals are there but a few sea birds like mites, nematodes, penguins, seals exist there. The continent was ignored on huge basis in the 19th century because there were no resources to go and survive there. Also the communications were not strong to go on an isolated place like that. Antarctic treaty was formed in 1959 which prohibits military activities and mineral mining there. Over 4000 scientists are conducting experiments there.

The Antarctica is a Roman Name. A few people have explored the place in 17th century but had not much success there due to extreme conditions. The continent is divided into East Antarctica and West Antarctica.Antarctica contains many other mountains, on both the main continent and the surrounding islands.

Being covered with permanently thick layers of ice, the continent has not been able to get explored fully. Geological studies are being conducted on it constantly. East Antarctica is colder than its western side. Ice always remain there for extended periods. The continent is almost 3,000 m above sea level.

The first child born on the continent was a Norwegian girl  on 8 October 1913.She was a daughter of Fridthjof Jacobsen who worked as a manager on the Whaling Station. A few  vertebrates live in Antarctica also.  lice, nematodes, tardigrades, rotifers, krill andspringtails are most popular living things found on the continent. Blue Wales and Squids are also found on the continent.

About 1150 species of fungi are also found on the continent. The Antarctic climate hiders the vegetation to form. That is why a diversity of plant life is found there.

Antarctica has no government and it is considered to be politically neutral. A lot of European countries and America has claimed the specific regions of Antarctica. Norway, United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Argentina and Chile have claimed areas in previous years. Brazil, Peru and South Africa are also present in the Antarctic Treaty.

The Economy is zero because There is no economic activity in Antarctica. Fishing is the only activity there. copper, chromium, nickel, gold and other minerals have been found but not in large extent. No tourism is possible because the continent is not meant for families and children. The expedetion and adventure lovers howerver do set their course towards Antarctica often.

The nights are usually very long and dark.  biologists, geologists,oceanographers, physicists, astronomers,glaciologists, and meteorologists are all present there to find more about the magical land of Antarctica.

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