Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a Smart Watch. It is ticking on the millions of wrists around the world. The new operating system is Watch OS 2. Here is the updated review for it. It is the most latest and advanced gadget from Apple which has the capability to connect with the iPhone and Apple devices.The Apple brand is a guarantee of quality and none of the Watch models are inexpensive. But the features it brings are outstanding.

Features and Price

The lowest watch starts with $349 and the most expensive one goes to $17,000. It comes with super new features like messaging app, mail app and notifications. Apple watch has a fitness tracker. The tracker is incredible feature that tracks record of your personal health. it can even measure that steps walked during a walk in the park. If you are running in the garden, the watch tracker will calculate your heart rate with a “heart rate tracker”. This is amazing and precious feature in Apple Watch. It provides good health and fitness to your body. You can keep track of your exercise and calories burnt.

Connect With iphone

Apple watch data is perfectly synchronizable with your iPhone. It has some capabilities of Siri. It can be as good as to wear an iPhone on your wrist. It has a nice stopwatch and timer. It provide facility to read emails and receive phone calls from the wrist.

The watch is light weight as compared to the brands like Rolex and Casio. The touchscreen is large enough to provide good space for summoning Siri. It is not however possible to include all the iPhone features inside the watch. The best thing is to track your fitness goals and you can even watch the photos on it.

Fashion Trend

Apple watch is a fashionable thing to wear these days. Its built stylish and beautiful. You can download the Watch OS operating system from your iPhone and install it on your Apple watch with no great effort.Microsoft Band is the biggest rival of this watch. Some people pronounce it as iwatch that is incorrect. Apple never declared that it will be called iwatch.

The interface is clever and cool as Microsoft band and other smart watches of 2015-16. Apple watch may be a bit expensive but is worth spending money upon. The fashion trend for men and women will not be completed without an Apple watch on their wrist for the holiday season. Apple watch is a great lovely sleek holiday gift you can give to your loved ones this Christmas and new year.

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