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Arnold Alexander Hall Facts-Arnold Alexander Hall history

Arnold Alexander Hall Facts-Arnold Alexander Hall history

Background of Arnold Alexander Hall

Arnold Alexander hall was one of the Famous Aeronautical Engineer, Scientist and Industrialist of the 20th Century. He worked as a Chief Superintendent in RAE and modified the super marine spitfire that it can be used in the Photo Reconnaissance role. Alexander Hall designed the“Gyroscopic Gun Sights and The Compressor for Frank Whittles Jet Engine.  He made these two notable inventions during the World War II. He worked for the Hawker Snidely Group and British Concorde Design Group as an Engineer and Scientist. He Stayed as a Chairperson of British Concorde Group and Expanded its Business on the Large Scale.

Early Life and Education

Arnold Alexander Hall was born on April 23, 1915 in Liverpool, a small state of England. He got his early Education from Alsop High School in Walton. After Completing his Secondary Education he Got admission in the Clear College, Cambridge, where he got the first  Class degree Aeronautics Engineering With different distinctions included Applied Mathematics, Heat Engines and the Theory of Structure. At the end of 1938 Hall got membership with the “Royal Aircraft Establishment” Where, he worked throughout the World War II in the development of gun sights and aircraft armament.

Arnold Alexanader Hall’s Professional Career

In 1945 Hall started his career as a Professor of Aviation at the University of London. Later on, he served as a Head of the Department of Aeronautics   at the Imperial college of Science and Technology.
He made lots of Contribution in during the career in “Imperial College of Science”.  Hall inaugurated new laboratories of Research and became the member of the “Academic Council of the University of London”.  Hall served as the director of the “Royal Aircraft Establishment” at Farnborough from 1951 to 1955. As a director he made lots of modification in aircrafts and naval equipments with the establishment of different Laboratories in overseas and Europe.  He also served as a director of the Bristol Engine Company and Armstrong Motors.

Arnold Alexander Hall’s Late life

In the Early 1963 he became the Vice 0-Chairman and Managing Director of the “Hawker Snidely Group”. Later on after four years in 1976 he appointed as a Chairman and Managing Director of Hawker Snidely Group and Stayed there till 1977. He made a RAE Farnborough team to discover the cause of DH Comet jet airline crashes and at last after research the team discovered the airlines Crashes.

Awards and Honors

Hall received lots of Honors and Awards throughout his career included the “Fellow of the Royal Society”, “Chancellor of Loughborough University of Technology”, University of Bath gave Him the honorary degree of Doctor of Science, Duth Aero Club Von Baubhauer Medal, and Royal Aeronautical Society Gold Medal in 1962.  After covering the long distance of Life with lots of achievements,


Sir Alexander Hall died in January 9, 2000. He buried in Berkshire, England.

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