Ashfaq Ahamd , A great Fiction writer

Ashfaq Ahamd , A great Fiction writer

Ashfaq Ahamd is most distinguished and prominent Urdu fiction writer. Through his life he wrote many short stories, television plays, and work directly or indirectly in several media production. He was Mystic and Sufism Inspirited in his life. Later his life Zavia, (a television program broadcast from Pakistan television) become so popular that whole of his discussions were published into books. “Zavia” which is now available in book, through which he is now acclaimed in Pakistan as Intellectual and sometime mystic to. There is no doubt though he was good intellectual and excellent fiction writer, but some Urdu adab(literature) critics appreciate him as fiction writer. The Fluency of his thoughts and the ability to perform details particulars which he expressed in characters and environment, only few can have. He writes very few in life , but what he write is such an amazing that you feel no fear considering him in great Urdu writers .

Early Life and Education:

Ashfaq was belong to noble family and was well educated person. Early after partition his family was lived in refugee camp, and he starts study. He was master degree honor in Urdu from Punjab University Lahore while Bano Qudsia (which later he married with) was also studied with him as well. His first step as career was joinng Radio Pakistan, Later Ashfaq adopted teaching as career, and start teaching in Dayyal Singh College. Ashfaq also teaches Urdu in foreign universities. During his foreign stay he studied French and Italian from university of Rome and university of Grenoble.

Romanticism and Mysticism:

Ashfaq and his folks are considered, the pioneer of romanticism in Pakistan. Qudrat-u-Allah Shahab, Mumtaz Mufti, Wasif Ali Wasif and Bano Qudsia are the legendry names of romanticism in Pakistan. Ashfaq between them remain under influence of Qudrat-u-Allah Shahab and Mumtaz Mufti, where both these prestige him with mysticism, modern and contemporary shapes.

work and Creations:

Ashfaq initially writes for children, a magazine “phool” were published in those days in which he writes , later released his own magazine as “dastaangow”. His books and major work aik mohabbt so afsane, band gali, gadaria , man chaley ka sauda, tota kahani and shahla kot are necessary part of Urdu literature .

Death and Funeral:

Ashfaq was died on September 2004 with cancer and buried in Model Town Graveyard. He left three son and wife Bano Qudsia , who is also a legendry writer of Urdu literature.

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