Augustus the great emperor of the Roman Empire

Augustus the great emperor of the Roman Empire

Augustus was the great person of in the history of the Roman Empire. Augustus was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire and also known as the founder of the Roman Empire. There is always confusion on Augustus name because there is not any agreement or confirmation about Augustus original name. In some books Augustus as known as the name of Gaius Octavius which was the Birth name of the Augustus by his Father. Augustus also becomes famous by the name of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. Augustus was got the name of Divi Filius during his emperor.

Augustus the great emperor of Roman Empire was born in 23rd September 63BC in Rome, Roman Republic. Augustus father name was Gaius Octavius and mother name was Atia Balba Caesonia or Atia Balba Secunda. From childhood Augustus belong to very ancient and the richest family of the Rome. After the death of Augustus’s father and mother Augustus was adopted by his maternal Uncle Gaius Julius Caesar. Gaius Julius Caesar was the great leader in his time in Rome. After the defeat in the battle of Actium in 31 BC from second Triumvirate Augustus was reinstated frontage of the Free Republic of the Roman Empire. After the death of the Caesar in 44 BC Augustus granted his power over the Senate of the Rome.

After defeat in the battle of the Actium the Octavian becomes the August and in 27 BC He return the whole power to the senate and Augustus became the great magistrate of the Rome in 20 BC after the Public awaking about the financial state of Augustus. Augustus removed the terror of the old Magistrates and rulers. Augustus did a lot of work after become the magistrate of the Rome. Augustus was become the First Emperor of the Roman Empire in 16th January 27th BC and his government remains for 41 years in whole Roman Empire.

Augustus introduced many agricultural Law during his governess and also introduces the revenue system. Augustus’s Government was the very famous in the history of Rome and Roman Empire. The Augustus’s era of Government is known as the Golden era of Government or literature in the History of the Roman. Augustus introduced many useful laws. In Augustus era of Government there born very well-known poets Virgil Hares and Levi. The Jesus Christ was also born in the era of Augustus Government.

By a lot of hard work in day and night Augustus became seriously ill and also has the burden of tensions which causes Augustus death. Augustus was died in 19th August 14 AD at the age of 75 in Nola Italia which was in the Roman Empire. Augustus was buried in Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome. The Month of August is extract from the name of First emperor of Augustus.

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