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Australia is not only a Country but also a continent.It is also called an island because it is situated on the island of Tasmania.By area Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Indonesia, Philippines and Newzealand are the nearest neighbours of Australia. The people of Australia are normally called “The Aussies”. Aussies are the 12th largest economic power in the world and has the world’s highest per capita income.It is a member of United Nations.The population is 23,984,800 as per analysis of 2015.

Government & Foreign Relations

The history of Australia is 48,000 years old.It has federally administered government. The Australian Labor party is the most influential right now. Australia has six states,New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

Australia has strong relationships with all powerful countries like United States and Canada.Other good relations are with Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines,United Kingdom and Newzealand.

Climate & Wildlife

Australia’s climate is mild during the year due to Indian and Atlantic Oceans surrounding it.It is the only continent to have two countries “Australia and Newzealand” in it. Coral and Tasman Sea also affects its climate due to strong ocean currents. Vast landscapes are a major part of Australian beauty. Much of the Northern parts of the country has tropical weather. The rest of Australia is desert. A large numbers of mammals and plants are found in tropical areas.

Kangroo and Koala Bears are found frequently in Australia.The most poisonous snakes and dangerous animals are also largely found in forests.The government ha done excellent job in handling the environmental issues. The wildlife is secure and free to live anywhere it suits it.

Economy and Languages in Australia

The rich and wealthy economy is able to generate resources from many vast fields like technology manufacturing, telecommunication industry and mining. The poverty rate is very low in Australia.The Australia is the second most wealthy country in the world after Switzerland.

Australian Dollar is a stable and powerful currency in the world market. Melbourne city is also ranked highest among the most peaceful places to live in the world.

The English is the official native language. Other popular languages spoken are Irish, Scottish,Chinese, Indian,Greek and Dutch. This is mainly due to the large number of immigrants are from Europe and India living in Australia.
Roman Catholic follower and Christians are mostly populated in Australia.During the last 50 years,Islam and Hinduism has grown also in Australia which is still growing.

Education And Media

Australis spends largest part of GDP on education and Health. That is why the nation is enjoying high standards of living and educatedly mature.The Australian Media is composed of television, cinema music.It has many television station operating on non-profit basis.

Sports & Tourism

Australians take a large part in the sports due to their natural fitness relation activities in the young age. The major sports are Cricket, Hockey, Rugby and athletics.Specially the Australian Cricket team has been the world champion team for the most times in the world. Australia has produced legends in the field of cricket like Dennis Lilly and Ricky Ponting.

Tourism development is the major priority of Australian Government which spends 205% of GDP on tourism. Sydney and Melbourne city are the best cities which promote tourism. The Gold Coast is the paradise of surfers which reflect Australian trends.Mount Hotham in Victoria state is big attraction for tourists for its breath taking snow filled peaks.The Beach of Keppel island presents a scene of paradise with clear blue sky above and incredible boating experience. The visitors of Newzealand are allowed to come into Australia for free but visitors from around the world need visa for entering Australia.

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