Aysha Farooq, first Pakistani female fighter pilot

Aysha Farooq, first Pakistani female fighter pilot

Aysha Farooq is Pakistan first female war ready fighter jet pilot. She is one of the five women who are already in Pakistan air force. She is been followed by many Pakistani females who are passionate about joining Pakistan air force as jet pilot. A growing number of women have joined Pakistan’s defense forces in recent years as attitudes towards women change. in Pakistan where most of the girls do not even think about putting their toe outside their home by the obeying oppressive customs and tradition applied by their parent and society, there woman like Aysha Farooq is big hope for them, to built their courage for what they wanted to be . For such enthusiasm watching Aysha Farooq being jet pilot, more women are frequently joining the air force. In Pakistan nearly twenty to twenty five female jet fighters recruited and in future more are women are expected.

Early Life :

Aysha Farooq is native of Bahawalpur; she was born on 24 august 1987. Initially when Aysha asked her windowed mother to become pilot but later she allowed her to join Pakistan air force. She is one of four thousand female pilots who are military recruited fighter jet pilot.

First flight:

F7PG is frist fighter jet which Lieutenant Ayesha Farooq was taken her first flight, she is initially now operating Chinese made F7PG varients air craft alongside with her 24 male colleagues. F7PG was tested in 1950 and early sixty , though the production of F7PG is ceased but since it’s simple module semi fast air craft and has many variants in Pakistan that’s why it’s initially handed over to new arrivals lieutenants.

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