Best Waterproof Cases for Cell Phones

Best Waterproof Cases for Cell Phones


Today the smartphones with flagship come with softer bodies and light weight. But when it comes to water resistence, this quality is lacking in many smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Your Galaxy S6 needs safety from water damage and that needs dryness. Finidng a best case that provides good water resistence is an art. You can choose from the list of our best cases for Samsung in terms of water resistence.

LifeProof Fre

LifeProof Fre is a water proof case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. LifeProof Fre is available in limited supply so its better to get your hands on it early. The demand is too high with the retailers. If you can afford to wait for the supply to meet the demand, then in the meantime go for another case from our list below.

This waterproof case is available in four colors with one year warrantly.The price may be higher  $79.99 but fully justifies the great features like water resistance, dust resistance, shock proof and snow proof capabilities. The best quality lovers can afford to send this much on this case, that will be worth it.Supplies for this case are a bit limited so be careful.

Pasonomi Water Resistant Armor Cover

Pasonomi is a case that is not for too expensive people. But Pasonomi is a good choice for nominal price of $7.85. The case protects Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from the water but not so efficiently as the other ones in our list. This is a simple case on a low budget. You can surely save money and safe phone from water drops. It is available in lots of different colors.

 Ultraproof Waterproof Case

Ultraproof case does work with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge as well as with iPhone. You can buy any brand of smartphone and this case will do just great for you. The style is a bit rugged and heavy but the water proof capability is perfect.  This price is amazingly low with $8.5. If you can also handle a bulky style in your daily life, then go for this Ultraproof case this winter.

SUPCASE Water Resistant

Supcase is a good water resistant case, protecting your screen and controls for Samsung smartphones. It comes with a relatively low price of$19.99 and provides moderate water protection The different colors are available to suit your mood. Supcase provides protection in three colors by providing back covering. This is a good choice for peope into a rugged built and affordable price. It may not be fully waterproof and prone to vulnerability if submerged into water, but its hard to ask too much in that price.

SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case

Available in $18.99 as a budget case, this case will also not provide too much water proof capability. But it can definitely protect your device against the rain and other drops of water in a bad weather or accident. The colors are bright and there are five colors to choose from. The built-in screen protector is also a great feature. This is a nice choice for folks loving bright colors and moderate water resistance in modest price.








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