Bill Clinton (American President)

Bill Clinton (American President)

William Jefferson Clinton was born in August 19,1946 was the 42 president of America during the years 1992-2001. He was the Attorney General from 1977 to 1979 as a member of Democratic party. He got a scholorship to study in the Oxford University. He defeated George W Bush in the election and became the president.He married Hillary Clinton in 1975 and he has a daughter Chelsea. He was a lawyer by profession and Baptist by the religion.

Early Life And Politics

Clinton had a stepfather in early life who was notorious for his gambling and alcoholic addictions. His behavior was violent towards Clinton. In the school Clinton was an avid listener, a good music player and a bright leader.He gave up the thought of becoming professional musician because of his public serving and leadership abilities.By the time of graduation, he got a scholorship for Oxford University.He studied politics and played rugby at Oxford.

In 1978 he returned to Arkansas and became a law professor there.He took part in politics and was elected as the governor.He did a great job for his community to bring education standards towards top with his wife Hilary who was also an attorney.He leaded the Democratic Party in 1990 and 91 and became the President after winning the elections.He got 43 % of votes.He ruled the White House for 12 years was the cotnroller of US congress. He took charge as president on January 20, 1993. he made reforms with his wife Hilary and became a part of few controversies in 1993.He signed 1994 Trade Agreements and legalise the marriage between men and women as a legal union in 1996.He signed  the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 on October 31, 1998.

Re-Elected in 1996

During 1996 he also made reforms for improving the illegal immigration problems in USA. He again took part of 1996 elections and got re-elected. This time he got 47% votes. In 1997 he started use of hearing aids because of his age related hearing problem.

Controversies With Women

During his presidency years till 2001, Clinton was involved with a few controversies regarding mistreating women sexually.  His affair with Monica Lewinsky in August 1998 led him into a bit of trouble when had to go under a trial for misbehaving with his co-worker in the office sexually.Clinton denied any such relationships with Monica and faced the lawsuit.But prior to that Jeniffer Flowers also stated that she had personal relationships with Clinton in 1992. Clinton also faced another sexual controversy in 1998 when Junitta Broaddrick accused him of sexual mistreatment.

Post Presidency Years

Since 2001 to now, Clinton has been very active publically by his fundraising and speaking. He criticized Bush in 2005 for their policies. But after the disasters of 2004 tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, he established a Bush-Clinton fund together with President Bush to help the victims.He also founded HIV and AIDS foundation in 2005.

He helped his wife Hilary in 2008 elections and he raided 10 million dollars for fund raising.Since 2008 Clinton was assigned many diplomatic assignments and was named Special Envoy in Haiti earthquake by United Nations in 2009.He has a bypass surgery operation in 2004 due to heart conditions.He also signed  the law  U.S.–China Relations Act of 2000.

Ratings And Awards

His rating consistently ranged from the high-50s to the high-60s in his second term of presidency. When he left the office, his rating was 68% which was close to Ronald Regan and Franklit Roosevelt.45% of Americans said they would miss Clinton after his departure but 58% said NO. A large number of people said the Clinton’s performance was better than Bush overall.

In 2012 elections he officially nominated President Obama and publically spoke in favour of him. He was equally supported by black African American community.Clinton was awarded Honorary degrees by various collages and universities. He was also honoured by Czech Republic, Germany and Kosovo. Time magazine had displayed him as the “Man of the Year” in 1992. Barack Obama awarded Clinton also with Presidential Medal of Freedom in November 2013.



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