Biography of Nelson Mandela, the great leader of 20th Century.

Biography of Nelson Mandela, the great leader of 20th Century.

Biography of Nelson Mandela, the great leader of 20th Century.

Nelson Mandela is an Africa’s Greatest Freedom Symbol. Nelson Mandela completed his study in law and become one of South Arica’s first black lawyers. He was elected leader of the Youth Wing of the ANC (African National Congress) liberation movement in 1950s.When the country’s minority white government stopped the ANC in 1960, Mandela became persuaded that armed struggle was inescapable. He inspired by the Guerrilla and Cuba Wars, he organized a military underground movement that engaged in incapacitate. He was arrested in and pronounced to life imprisonment for high treachery and connivance against the state. He was confined to the infamous prison island Robin Island with several others resistance leaders, from 1964 to 1982. Then he moved to prison on the Mainland until his release in 1990. He became a rallying point for the South Africa’s oppressed, and the World’s famous political prisoner. President Frederick William de Klerk. Both of these agreed on a peaceful transition to majority rule, the end Mandela Shared the Peace Prize with him.

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in Transkei. His father died when he was at the age of 12. He attended primary school in Onus, where his teacher Miss Midgame gave him the Christian name “Nelson”. He completed his junior school certificate at the Clakebury Boarding Institute and after that he went on to Healdton, a Wesleyan secondary school, where he completed matriculation. He completed his B. A from the University of South Africa; he completed his graduation in 1943 from the university College Fort Hare. He began Studying LLB at the University of the Witwatersrand. He was a poor student and left the university in 1952 without graduating.  He completed his LLB in 1989 in the last months of his imprisonment from the university of the South Africa. Nelson Married three times, overall he had six children with 17 grandchildren. Nelson Mandela first married with Evelyn Maze, a nurse.  He had two sons, Maida Thembekile and Mankato and two daughters both Called Magazine.

Nelson Mandela rose through the ranks of the ANCYL and through its work; in 1949 the ANC adopted a more radical Mass –Based Policy, the Program of Action. He was chosen at the National Volunteer-In-Chief in 1952, with the Defiance Campaign with Mauve Cachalot as his deputy. Nelson Mandela Had a great practice with the law. He was arrested in countrywide police swoop on December 5, 1955, which led to trial in 1956. All men and women of all races found themselves in the harbor in this trial which ended when the last 28 accused including Mandela were discharged on March 29, 1961. His Biography shows his work, which he varied during his imprisonment. He never let down his struggle. He wrote many books and his place of imprisonment known as the place of learning. Being a man of the piece he spends 27 years in imprisonment.  Different songs, praises have been written and the call for the freedom was heard around the world.  He released Under the President of De Klerk In 1990 and returned from the prison being the leader of the ANC.  Mandela along with the president De clerk  was awarded  the Noble Peace Prize In 1993. Nelson Mandela is elected President of South Africa in 1994; a success for equality and success for peace. Nelson Mandela’s story is one of the hopes of all mankind. Nelson Mandela Died on December 5, 2013, after prolonged infection with the age of 95. Approximately 90 representatives of the foreign States travelled to South Africa to attend his last funeral ceremony.


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