Biography of the Great President of America George Marshall.

Biography of the Great President of America George Marshall.

George Marshall was the American’s foremost soldier of During World War II. George Marshall also served as Chief of Army Staff during the World War II from 1939 t0 1945. Being a diplomat George Marshall acted as a secretary of State from 1947 to 1949. During this period George Marshall formulated the “Marshall Plan” Which is a Pioneering program of economic and military aid to foreign nations.

George Marshall was born into- middle class family on December 31, 1880 in Union, Pennsylvania. He had one older sister, Marie, and an older brother, Stuart. Marshall Family background from Virginia and Kentucky. His Father was a businessman with the coal industry in Pennsylvania. He had a prosperous family. Georg Marshall grew up during the late 19th century when one chapter of American history was closed and opened another. Children spend most of times in outdoor activities while Marshall spends time in mischief. Marshall’s brother and sister was the topper in school exile Marshall straggled in almost every subject. He was shamefaced due to this weakness, but he uses his talent and intelligence in one subject (history). Overall he was a struggling student, one day he would rise to become a great piece of history himself. Marshall’s family background was business, but he decided to become a soldier. After completing his secondary education Marshall got admission in the Virginal Military Institute in civil engineering. He graduated from the Virginia Institute In 1901. In the same year he received a commission as a second lieutenant and gone to the Philippines’.

In 1906 Marshall restarted his education at Fort Leaven forth. He graduated top of the class and qualified for the Army staff college. After Completing this course he stayed there as an instructor for two years. He had a passion to become a great soldier of the history. He got variety of posts in the next nine years being a young officer. He got a post of General Staff sailing to France at First Position. He Achieved frame day by day and promotion for his staff work in the battle of Cantigny, Aisne- Marne, St. Michael. Meuse- Argonne. Marshall served successfully as an instructor in the Army War College in 1927, as an assistant commander of the Infantry school from 1927 to 1932, as a commander of Eight Infantry in 1933 as a senior Instructor to the Illinois National Guard from 1933 to 1936, and as a brigadier general of the Fifth Infantry Brigade from 1936 to 1938. Marshall appointed as Chief of Staff in September, 1939 with the rank of general by President Roosevelt. He became the General of the Army in 1944 with the rank of five-star rank.


Marshal served five years as a Chief of Army Staff. He spends a successful tenure during World War II and proved himself a great general. He was also a member of the Atomic studies engaged by American and British scientists. When the World War II over Marshall resigned in November, 1945. When Marshall Military career ended he emerged being a good diplomatic leader, and developed “Marshall Plan” (Plan Of economic development). During the Korean War Marsh shall serve as secretary of defense.Disappointed by the Smear campaign, Marshall retired from politics. Marshall Talent was appreciated abroad and he was awarded Noble Prize in 1953 for his contribution to the recovery of Europe after the Second World War. Georg Marshall died in Washington on 16th October, 1959.



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