Boris Becker

Boris  Becker


Boris Franz Becker born in 1967 was a professional Tennis player for Germany. He was world No.1 among Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.  He became No 1 at the age of 17. He was Catholic and Becker learned the game in his father’s Tennis Centre. In 1984 he became an international player and became the youngest grand slam winner in the world. In 1987 Becker was No 2 in the world. He won Davis cup and Wimbledon in the finals.He also won French Open, Australian, US Open and French Open multiple times. He also became Tennis coach for World’s top players.

Tennis Career

Becker played in the Davis Cup in 1988 and helped his country win that cup by beating Stephen Edberg.He was the player of the year in 1989 but did not reach No1. He defeated Jim Courier in 1992 and won seven titles that year. In 1993 he married Barbara Feltus.

He won the Olympic Gold Medal for doubles in 1992. By 1995 Boris Becker had played seven Wimbledon Finals. He defeated Pete Sampras in 1996. According to Sampras Becker was the best player he had seen so far.

In 1997 Becker lost to Sampras in the semi finals.Boris won total49 singles titles and 15 double’s titles. He won singles titles in 14 different countries . He won titles in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France , Germany , Italy, Japan, Netherlands and UK.

Becker was the fastest server in the game. He was called the name of Boom Boom.He was included in the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2003.He also serves as a commentator with BBC for Wimbledon tournament occasionally.

Becker possesses strong skills and a variety of shots.He has some attitude problem inside the ground. He was considered a little bit emotional and used to burst on tense occasions. Most of his Tennis career was played with the racquets from the German company Puma.

Post Retirement Career

Becker has been the owner of the tennis division of Völkl Inc. he published his autobiography in German also.he two-year deal with Vodafone to answer selected text messages from fans.He never really retired until 2012 he finally decided to announce his retirement publically. He was also working on a British TV quiz show in 2005-2006. He launched his own  online TV called “Boris Becker TV” for the promotion of game of tennis. His best interest to help the game lovers and promote the game internationally made him coach the young players. In 2014 Becker left his job as commentator on BBC and became the head coach for Novak Djokovic.


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