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Alfredo James Pacino, Great Hollywood Actor

Alfredo James Pacino was born on April 25, 1940 in New York City. He was grown up in East Harlem and Bronx. In the age of 19, Pacino moved to Greenwich Village for studying acting. There he was also began

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Marlon Brando, The Godfather of Mafia Actors

He who watch Hollywood movies; surely known and watched the godfather. Marlon Brando was the the actor who has a strong credit for making godfather super hit. He was brilliant actor and was very famous in classical acting styles. Marlon

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Waheed Murad, Great Chocolate Hero

After seeing a lot of movies of Waheed Murad, I admit he was a really great actor and I admire his matchless acting performance. By, Rajesh Khanna Introduction: Waheed Murad was a very famous actor of Pakistan film industry. He

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Moeen Akhter, A great comedian

Moeen Akhter was great a Pakistan Tele Vision actor, anchor and host. He was stepped to reveal himself, the real legend of the industry of Pakistan. He was mostly known and played his TV role as comedian and humorous actor.

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Duncan Renaldo-Famous Romanian-Anmerican Actor’s Facts

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Background of Duncan Renaldo Duncan Renaldo full name was Renault Duncan Renaldo. He was a famous Romanian, American Actor in from 1950-1980. He was remembered by his many hit film “The Cisco Kid”. It was berry hit Series on the

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