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Great Nations

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ROME (Italy)

ROME (Italy) The capital city of Italy is Rome. It is located in the Lazio region. Rome has a population of of 2.9 million  and a residents in 1,285 km2 area. It is the most populated and largest place in the Italy as

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Singapore is an Asian Country known as Republic of Singapore. It is also known as the Lion City and the garden city. It was occupied by Japan during world war 2 and gained independence in 1965 from Britain. It is

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France (The French Nation)

The republic of France is called French republic. It is a soverign state in western Europe. It is situated near North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is Paris where commercial activities are at top in Europe.France went through

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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The Country The United Kingdom of Great Britain known as UK is the leading country of Europe.It has a border with Ireland and is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean with Celtic Sea to its South.Between UK and Ireland, the great Irsih

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United States Of America USA

  Introduction The United States of American (USA) is normally referred to as United States(US). It is one of the largest country of the world in the North American Continent. It is composed of 50 states spread over the area

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