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FIRST ANIMAL ON MOON Man has already set his feet on the moon in the 20 th century. Now the scientists have done a great job for entering the first living being into the orbit of mmon. The animal was

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Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Great Muslim Philosopher and Poet

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a great philosopher, poet philosopher and passively a political leader, who supports and favored many active political leaders. Leader like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he was directly inspired and influenced from him. Each nation, each country has

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New Year Celebration of 2013

In this world there are a lot of events which a person wait to come as soon as possible because they want to celebrate these events very happily and wants to make these events one of the part of their

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Islamic Year 1434 Hijrah will Start From Friday 16th December 2012

The Islamic year of 1434 has been started from 16th of November 2012 after the Crescent of Muharam-ul-haram 1434 Hijrah was clearly seen in many cities of Pakistan and many other countries. The sight of Moon Was Clearly for few

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