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Hakim Muhammad Saeed, A great person

Hakim saeed shb was such a legendry person who not only well recognized in Pakistan but also big part of medical world knows him. Every person in Pakistan who just has bit introduction of saeed shb, regardless of any sect,

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Douglas Carl Engelbart, the great Human-Computer interaction Inventor.

Douglas C. Engle art was born on January 25, 1925, in Portland, Oregon. Engle art was a pioneer in the design of interactive computer environments who invented the computer in 1964. He also created the first two –dimensional editing system,

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Marconi,Guglielmo Life Story-Fact-History of Marconi

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Facts of Marconi Gugliemo Marconi was one of the famous scientists, who created the Wireless Telegraphs Signals. Marconi was an electric engineer and known for his notable bale work, inversion of Radio Transmission and Radio Telegraphic System. Marconi Received a

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Michael Faraday’s biografia-Michael Faraday History

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Michael Fridays’s Facts Michael Faraday Was one of the great British Scientist is known for his great and honorable inventions in the field of physics included electro-magnetic induction, electromagnetic rotations, the Optical magnetic effect and diamagnetism. He is also known

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Arnold Alexander Hall Facts-Arnold Alexander Hall history

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Background of Arnold Alexander Hall Arnold Alexander hall was one of the Famous Aeronautical Engineer, Scientist and Industrialist of the 20th Century. He worked as a Chief Superintendent in RAE and modified the super marine spitfire that it can be

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