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Joyce Meyer (American Preacher & Author)

  Pauline Joyce Hutchison globally known as Joyce Meyer was born in 1943 and is a charismatic personality of America in the filed of preaching, as an author and public speaker. Joyce and her husband Dave have four children. She

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Moses (Hazrat Musa)

Moses is a Greek word and is also known as Musa. According to the Holy Bible, he was the Egyptian Prince and also a prophet in Abrahim times. He became a religious leader and a law giver. He was the

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THE BIRTH OF MUHAMMAD {PEACE BE UPON HIM) Prophet Muhammasd Peace be upon him was born in 570 CE in Makkah. Before his birth, his father Abdullah had died. At the age of 6, his mother died when he was

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World War II

WW2 or World War II is also known as second world war.This war was fought from 1939 to 1945 amont the large majorty of nations of the world. It was most widespread war for the history. It involved more than

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Joel Osteen (American Preacher / Author)

Joel Scott Osteen (was born in born March 5, 1963. He is an American preacher, an author and a Senior Pastor.He was born in Houston Texas and was the sixth child of John  Osteen.His father was a Baptist and a former

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