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Hilary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born in October 26, 1947. She is an American politician and  67th United States Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. She is a native of Chicago Illinois, and graduated in 1969 to become the first

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Bill Clinton (American President)

William Jefferson Clinton was born in August 19,1946 was the 42 president of America during the years 1992-2001. He was the Attorney General from 1977 to 1979 as a member of Democratic party. He got a scholorship to study in the

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Nazia Hassan, Great Asian Female Pop Singer

Nazia Hassan was an icon of the Pakistani music industry, she was introduced to Feroz Khan who ask for Nazia to sung song his next Indian Film Qurbani , by Indian-British songwriter and composer, Biddu, and after that there was

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John Lennon, Great Singer and Songwriter

John Lennon was the lead singer of “The Beatles” a song writer and composer. He was met with Paul McCartney in 1957 and asks him to join his music group. Both they were formed a most successful songwriting partnership in

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Lech Walesa, Nobel Prize winner for Peace

Lech Walesa was the famous labor activist of Poland and later become Polish president, He was helped the labor and formed first independent Communist Poland’s trade Union. He was awarded with Nobel Prize for peace for his participation and contribution

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