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Emmeline Pankhurst, Woman Rights Activist

Emmeline Goulden Pankhurst was started the women Social and Political Union (WSPU). She was the first woman who fought for woman suffrage in England for nearly 25 year including used of militant tactics. She was jailed several times and took

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Yoko Ono, singer , songwriter and Multimedia Artist

Yoko Ono is a former Japanese singer, songwriter and current working as multimedia artist. She is the wife of famous pop singer and The Beatles front man John Lennon. Who was sung most of her song, also who release his

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Tim Berners Lee , Great inventor of World Wide Web

Tim Berners Lee is an English computer scientist and famous creator and inventor of World Wide Web (WWW). The inspiration in his mind was to strongly free the information technology and censorship on the internet, so he created s system

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Florence Nightingale, The Lady with Lamp

Florence Nightingale is a famous lady known as “Lady with Lamp”. She was born in 12 May in 1820 in Florence Italy. She was served during the Crimean War for taking care of the soldiers, Florence with the team of

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Larry Page, CEO of Google

Larry Page is computer scientist and famous American co founder of Google. He was teamed up with Sargey Brin for making of Google, who is Russian co founder or Google. He was met with Sargey Brin in Stanford University, then

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