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Meryam Mirzakhani

  Meryam mirzakhani is Iranian born woman, professing in Stanford University California and recently awarded with Nobel Prize in mathematics. She is not only first ever Muslim woman who won Nobel Prize but also first mathematician who has this award.

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Percy Williams Bridgman Facts-Percy W. Bridgman Short Summary

Percy William Bridgman was one of the famous Noble Prized American Physicist. He won the Noble Prized due to his high work on high Pressures, he defined the Pressure with   fully definition. He wrote different books about scientific method and

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Leonid Kantorovich, the great mathematician and economist.

Leonid Kantorovich Known as a Soviet Mathematician and Economist.   As a professor at Leningrader State University, He developed the linear programming model ad tools of economic planning. He used mathematical techniques as to show how decentralization of decision of decision

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