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The Robbery of Mona Lisa Picture

The Robbery of Mona Lisa Picture The great French Painter Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona lisa. It became the most famous painting in the world afterwards. The beautiful smile and simple attractive looks of a woman named “Mona Lisa” captured

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Pete Sampras

Introduction And Early Life Petros “Pete” Sampras was born in born August 12, 1971. He was the world No1 Greek American Tennis Player.Pete Sampras was the greatest player in the history of Tennis game. He played his first match in 1988 and

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New York

Introduction Newyork is a state of United States Of America and is the fourth most populous city as well. It is hugely populated. Its borders are with Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The New York City is the most popular city

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Australia is not only a Country but also a continent.It is also called an island because it is situated on the island of Tasmania.By area Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Indonesia, Philippines and Newzealand are the

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Mir Zafar Ali, Great Visual artist of Hollywood

Mir Zafar Ali Pakistani had born American Hollywood Star, His work as visual artist in Hollywood and contributed in several Hollywood animation and visual art related films. his very prominent work as visual artist or some famous movies in which

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