Charles Babbage the Father of Computer and great Mathematician

Charles Babbage the Father of Computer and great Mathematician

Charles Babbage was the great Philosopher and the great mathematician. Charles Babbage was also remaining the mechanical engineer and also was the great inventor of England History. Charles Babbage was also remaining the member of Royal Society of London for Improving the Natural knowledge. Charles Babbage was famous as the father of computer because he provides the many concepts of programmable Computer. Charles Babbage also invents the world’s first mechanical computer which was known as the Analytic Engine, which uses the Ada, Countess of Lovelace programing language to perform their tasks. This Analytical engine is kept in London Science museum.

There is a contradiction about the birthplace and actual birthdate of Charles Babbage but we got his birthplace and birthdate from some sold references and by net surfing. Charles Babbage was born in 26th December 1791in the biggest city of England in London. Charles Babbage’s father name was Benjamin Babbage, who was worked in a bank of London in England. Charles Babbage’s father Benjamin Babbage had four children. Charles Babbage was the loveliest son of his parents. Charles Babbage’s parents always try their best to fulfill their children desires.

Charles Babbage starts his elementary education in his own house. His father appointed some tutor for him, who teaches him in right manners and that does continue when he reached at the age of eight. Charles Babbage admitted in the local country school of London and also joined the King Edward VI School in London but he was not liked the School system then his father again appointed a personal tutor for Charles Babbage. After completing his primary and secondary education Charles Babbage was admitted in the Trinity College, Cambridge for learn all the aspects of Mathematics from the great teacher in those times. Charles Babbage was considered as the top mathematician in his colleagues and classmates.

Charles Babbage was starting his work in the Computing field on 1820 to 1871. First of all in 1820 Charles Babbage thought about to solved the Mathematic table by a machine for this purposes he solved many algorithms. Charles Babbage starts his work to build the difference engine which is a type of Mechanical machine. Charles Babbage wants to design a machine which solved the basic mathematical problems in very short of time. At last he achieved his target by making Difference engine. Charles Babbage’s developed Difference engine is available in London Museum for display. After that Charles Babbage start his work to build the Analytical Engine which was also known as the First Mechanical Computer in the History of Computing. Charles Babbage was used the Ada, Countess of Lovelace program to calculate a sequence of Bernoulli’s numbers in very short of times.

Charles Babbage got married with a beautiful lady of London Georgiana Whitmore in Dudmaston Hall of the London. Charles Babbage spent a very happy life with his wife and children. Charles Babbage had eight child in which four children died in their childhoods and children who survived from their childhood was Benjamin Herschel, Georgiana Whitmore, Dugald Bromhead and Henry Prevost. Charles Babbage was died at the age of 79 on 18th of October 1871 in Marylebone, London England.

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