Christmas Celebration and History

Christmas Celebration and History

Christmas is one of the great events of the Christian Cultural which celebrates on 25th of December in every year. Christmas celebrate this event for the Birthday of the Jesus Christ and is this day in every country official holidays are observed.  All Christians around the world celebrate this event as their cultural style. They lighten their house with colorful lights. They buy many varieties of cakes, cloths, jewelry or many things to celebrate the Birth day of Jesus Christ (Jesus). They also Buy many Christmas trees and decorate these trees with different kind of lights, artificial Stars or with many other artificial Lights.

According to Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December so they celebrate this day as the birthday of their Nobel personality of Jesus Christ. In this day People spend a lot of Money to decorate their houses, Streets and roads. They spent all his time to celebrate the birthday of the Jesus Christ on 25th of December in every year. Christian Families around the world start their day to worship of their god and pray for their future life. Many Musical shows or Christmas carolers held in many different venues in different s countries of the world. Christians also sung their traditional song “jingle Bell” in this day. After worship of their god the female Christians member of the families took the command of the kitchen and they make many kind dishes and cakes.

Christians also wish this day with each other by given gifts to each other’s. They Buy many kind of cakes for gifts and many kinds of traditional greeting cards of the Christmas. Many People around the world wish the Christmas to their families and belongings   through telephone and Internet and take many prayers from their elders. Children also buy many kinds of Santa Claus Cards and toys on this occasion. Parents Gift their Children or needy persons around them by giving them gifts and they also follow the sunnat of their noble man Santa Claus who help the poor’s and needy persons by giving them many gifts. 25th December is always come in the winter season of every year so they do their best to celebrate this day for Jesus Christ.

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