Confucius the great Chinese Teacher, Philosopher and Politicain

Confucius the great Chinese Teacher, Philosopher and Politicain

China is one of the biggest countries in this world due to its population and It Keeps also very old History. China birth many historical and famous personalities in this world in which Confucius is most famous personality. Confucius was the Great Philosopher of the China and also was the Great Politician and also Editor. Confucius also remains the Chinese great teacher. Confucius was not only work for his country China but Confucius was also very familiar in the history of Japan and Korea.

Confucius was belonging to a very religious and noble family of the China. His father name was Knog He and also was known as the name of Shuliang. Unfortunately Confucius’s father was died when Confucius was only 3 (three) years old. Confucius’s original name was Kong Qiu and was also known as Zhongni. Confucius was born in 551 BCE in a Chinese state of Zou LU in the province of Qufu Shandong of China. Confucius was also belonging to Shi class of the China which hanged between nobility and the common people. Confucius’s Mother was died when he was reached at the age of 23 (Twenty Three).

After the death of Confucius father, he had faced many bad Financial and psychological conditions. When Confucius was 15 (Fifteen) years old, he devoted his life to got education. Confucius had the craze to get the education for the search of true people rights. Confucius also devoted himself with  a famous School and try his best to provide the knowledge and education to every special and general person of China. Confucius became a very famous and noble personality of China due to his Georgiou work for people. Round about 3 (three) thousand people remain his students in that time and some of his students also get the popularity due to their Intellectual skills.

Confucius was became the famous personality of the China in his life that’s why many people like him and some also fell jealousy from him. Confucius neighbor state (Qi State) was very anxious with him because due to involvement of Confucius the government state of LU became strong and powerful. The people of Qi state decide to Exile the Confucius from China. Confucius was not want that people became his enemy and also hate him so Confucius resign from his post and Deportee from LU state to northwest in china which is known as the state of Chen and Cai. When Confucius was reached at the age of 68 he return to his state and also start his work again in LU State of China. He convinces many Chinese to follow his educations and Philosophy. Now days many Chinese are following the Confucianism as religious manners.

Confucius was married by the daughter of Qiguan at the age of 19th. Confucius had two sons and the n name of his first son was Kong LI. Both of his sons were died in his life. At the age of 72 Confucius become tired due to the burden of his tensions and strains. And Confucius was died at the age of 72 or 71 in 479 BCE in his home state (LU State of China). Confucius was a very pious man and people was like him. Now days he is also a religious personality for Chinese. The grave of Confucius is situated in the state of Qufu in Kong Lin Cemetery China. Chinese people there made a tomb for the great memories of the Confucius.

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