Cortana (Microsoft Virtual Assistant)

Cortana (Microsoft Virtual Assistant)

Cortana is a new personal virtual assistant by Microsoft. It is originally created for Windows 8.1 but is also a part of Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile for free. The beauty of Corana is its voice recognition ability. The virtual assistant acts like a human assistant and responds to voice command by the user. It is fun to use cortana as the assistant is much more useful than a personal human assistant.

Cortana is also compatible with Xbox and Apple IOS. It is also compatible with Microsoft Band and Band 2. A band is a firness tracker that comes with a heart rate tracker and health reports. Cortana works well with Microsoft desktop OS and mobile phone.

Features and Style

Cortana is great. You can set reminders and use great features like messaging, web searching, sports, traffic, scores and biographies. Cortana can also provide you movies information and recent music reports on your request. no need to use your fingers to search internet or call your friend. Cortana will do everything for you as a friendly loyal assistant.

Bing is the  default search engine for Cortana. It has a music recognition service. Cortana can also make the phone calls for you if you command it to. Cortana can be set for reminders

to activate Cortana, the command “Hey Cortana” is necessary. It will start and give you the services you want to give. Cortana is also good for taking notes. Users can include information into the notebook and delete it.

The design is animated circles that present a  stylish Microsoft blue color look. The human like voice provides great features. Like Siri, Cortana is an intelligent assistant. it means if you ask her the results for the world cup, it will predict the correct results up to highest accuracy for you.For example ask Cortana to tell you ‘Who will win the FIFA world cup ?” . She will amaze you with its intelligence. Cortana also works well with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Languages Supported

Cortana uses the international languages with international users. For example if you are in UK and speak with British accent, then Cortana will use the British version. The Chineese version will use the Chineese and US version will use the American accent. Other languages supported are French, German, Spanish, japanese, portugese and Italian to name a few.


The Cortana updates are easily available on internet with Windows OS. This allows you to use the latest Microsoft updates. The new voice command ” Hey Cortana’ allows you to activate the loyal assistant and it is ready to serve you without any salary or human errors.




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