Diana Krall a Great Singer

Diana Krall a Great Singer

Diana Krall is one of the greatest Singers and Pianist of the world. Diana Krall was born in a small town of Canada in Nanaimo British Columbia on 16th November 1964. Diana Krall form childhood belong to a musician family. His Father was very fond of playing Piano and He always play Piano on his house. Diana Krall Mother Adella was also a singer and she also very fond of playing Piano. Her Mother Adella on Krall’s Childhood playing Piano and Jazz in the Local restaurant of the Columbia 15 in Canada.

Diana Krall take admission in the Barklee College of Music in Boston and get the Scholarship to play the JAZZ. like Diana Krall’s Mother and Father Diana is Also very fond of playing Piano. After get the Scholarship from Barklee College of Music Diana return back to Canada and release her own first album by the name of “Stepping Out”. Diana first album “Stepping out” impress the Canada’s great Producer Tommy LiPuma who help Diana Krall to launch her Second album by the name of “Only Trust Your Heart” as a producer in 1995.

Since 1993 after issuing Diana Krall’s first album by the name of “Stepping out” from now Diana make her more than eleven albums like, “Only trust Your Hearts”, “All for you”, “Love Sense”, “When I Look in Your Eyes”, “The Look of Love”,”The Girl in Other Room”, “Christmas Songs”, “From the Moment On”, “Quite Nights” and the latest one is “Glad Rag Doll”. Diana Kirral is honored by many award in different years like in year 2000 Diana Krall is honored ny the Order of British Columbia Award then after passing three years in 2003 Diana krall is honored by the University of Victoria by give her the honorary Fine Arts Award. Diana Krall’s big honors was to give her name to a Plaza the old name of Plaza was Nanaimo Harbourfront Plaza which change in 2008 by the name of Diana Krall Plaza.

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