The amazing Disney Land Park is located in United States California and was opened first time on July 17th, 1955, 60 years ago. Previously known as Disney Land, is a theme park in Anaheim built under the supervision of Walt Disney.Since then it has been going through major improvements and enhancements.It was converted into an adventure park later when large attendances of people could take part in fun activities and enjoy their lives with friends and families.Disney Land Park is run by high professionals, around 20,000 employees are a part of their team.

1950s amd 60s

Disney Land soon became popular among United States in the fifties when Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev requested to visit the Disney Land and expressed deep interest in it. Also the Shah of Iran visited Disney Land in the 60s.A large number of African American were also hired for Disney Land and a lot of Asians were also hired.

1990s To Present

In the late 1990s, the expansion work was rapidly carried out to convert the park into the world’s most amazing park in the history. The Disney Land Hotel was constructed and merchandising activities were hugely promoted. In the 90s the management team was also fired for not focusing on the long term goals and lack of vvision. Matt.Matt Ouimet took charge of Disney Land in 2003 and helped the organization to gain respect.

Disney Land Park consist of 8 lands called the theme lands. The 8 major lands occupy 85 acre area and are named as follows: Main Street USA, Adventure Land, New Orleans Square, Frontier Land,Fantasy Land, Mickey’s Toontown and Tomorrow Land.

All these lands are like a magic kingdom for their visitors. They contain shops, arcades, emporiums, double-decker bus and movie theatres. AdventureLand gives the feeling of a tropical land of jungles of Africa. It attracts visitors from around the world. “Indiana Jones Adventure” is the main attraction of the Adventuresome is equipped with latest computer and robotics technology to provide amazing adventure and fun.

New Orleans Square presents a great picture of 19th century New Orleans. Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion are the main attractions.


Frontier land also reflects American history in a spectacular way. Major attractions are Mark Twain River Boat and Golden Horseshoe Saloon. Hillbillies also add to the fun of visitors.

Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land is inspired by the flying Peter Pan Character according to the Waltz Disney. It provides several dark rides and contains a sleeping beauty’s castle and much more.

Mickey’s Toontown

This land was opened in 1993 and was originally inspired by the world famous Hollywood movie ‘Who framed roger rabbit”. Cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Roger Rabbit, Goody and Donald Duck are the most favourite attractions for kids.

Tomorrow Land

This land was constructed with the help of American Rocket Scientists and it provides the thrilling adventurous ‘rocket to the moon” attraction. Submarine voyage was also added more attractions include Astro Orbitor,Astro Blasters and space mountain.

Expansion in the Future

In the future, the “star wars theme land” is supposed to be created in the Disney Land theme park.However Disney CEO Bob Iger has not announced any specific date for its completion. This land is expected to be constructed to the north of Frontierland.

Disney Land Transportation

Disney land has a great interest in transportation.A rail road has been constructed known as Santa Fe Rail road. Monorail New travels is the new train travels over tomorrow Land and is still running strong since 1961.

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