Douglas Carl Engelbart, the great Human-Computer interaction Inventor.

Douglas Carl Engelbart, the great Human-Computer interaction Inventor.

Douglas C. Engle art was born on January 25, 1925, in Portland, Oregon. Engle art was a pioneer in the design of interactive computer environments who invented the computer in 1964. He also created the first two –dimensional editing system, and was the first to demonstrate the use of mixed text graphics and shared- screen viewing. Engle art was director of SRI International’s Augmentation Research Center in Palo Alto and founded Stanford University’s Bootstrap Project.

Engle art was the pioneer in the design of interactive computer environments. He had two siblings. A younger sister, Dorian Engle art Vadnais and older brother, David Engle art. After graduating from Franklin High School in Portland in 1942, Englbart enrolled at Oregon State College (Oregon State University) In Corvallis, where he passed electrical engineering. Drafted into the U.S. Army as World War II Came to Close, the future inventor worked as a radar technician in the Philippines for two years before returning to Oregon State. Engelbart landed a position at California’s Ames Research Center, a government aerospace laboratory run by the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (a precursor to (NASA).

In 1955  Engle art Went to get a PhD in Electrical  engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. After returning Engle art   start his career as an acting assistant Professor at the Stanford Research Institute. Around the same time, he began focusing on an approach that he termed “bootstrapping”, in which he assert3ed the fields of engineering a science would be greatly improved if computer power would share among researchers.  In the early 1960 Engle art found SRI international Augmentation Research Center in Palo Alto in an effort to further research information processing and computer- sharing tools a method. Soon, Engle art designed and was the primary developer of the on – Line system, also known as NLS, a revolutionary computer sharing system. In 1964, Enhglebart developed and created first design for the computer mouse. While Enhglebart believed that the point-and –click computer device could be equipped with up to 10 buttons, the first mouse would have just three. Enhglebart also served as director of the Augmentation Research Center from its inception until 1977. Engle art founded the Bootstrap Project at Stanford University in 1989.

Engle art received several other honors including the Coors American Ingenuity Award in 1991, the Yuri Rubin sky Memorial Award in 1995, the IEEE John von Neumann Medal, the Emerson –MLT Prize in 1997, the Turn in Award in 1997 and the Nation Medal Of Technology in 2000. Engle art never receive any royalties for inventing the computer mouse, for which he’s now best known. Engle art died on July 2, 2013 due to Kidney failure at the age of 88.



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