Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in Bhopal on 27th April, 1936. His father name was Abdul Ghafoor Khan. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan started his early education in Bhopal and admitted in Ajmer High School, Bhopal and passed his matric examination in April 1952. Due to age factor Abdul Qadeer Khan was not able to attempt the exams, as he was work hard and intelligent and most interested among studies his teacher reentered his date of birth as 1st Aril, 1936 instead of 27th April, 1936. He was mostly found in studies, as well as he was also interested in playing hockey, kiting, and fishing. Bhopal is known as a city of water so Abdul Qadeer Khan was a best swimmer also. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan mostly took participate in religious gathering because he was also punctual about prayers and fasting and follow mostly the novels of Moulana Abdul Hakeem Sharer and Naseem Hijazi due to interest in Islam.

In his institute, mostly the teachers found to teach about the philosophy of Allama Iqbal related to Hindu Muslim Tanazeya and difference between cultures of Muslims and Non-Muslims that’s the matter Abdul Qadeer Khan became crazy about Pakistan but his father did not want to leave India but after partition of India and Pakistan the disturbed situation of both countries it is necessary to leave India for them and join Pakistan as their homeland, than his two elder brothers and sisters and live at Karachi in 1950, but Abdul Qadeer Khan did not want to leave his parents alone in Bhopal but his father forced him to leave Bhopal and went to Pakistan. At last Abdul Qadeer Khan walked away with encourage of study and toward his bright future and reached at Pakistan along with a bundle of books by facing hard troubles and misbehaving of Indian Police after five year of invention of Pakistan on 15th August, 1952.

After arrival in Pakistan he took admission in D-J school of Karachi in F.SC and had passed examination after two years, then he had been offered for higher education in British on scholarship from British but he rejected the offer and continue his studies in same field and passed the B.Sc. and selected as Inspector and performed his duties with honest and working hard. In 1956 his father had died in Bhopal which is very sad news for him. He performed his duties in department of nap toll as inspector but he was not happy with his job, again when he had offered for high education on scholarship, he accept the offer and resigned from job and went to Europe for high education in August, 1961 and west German became his target from he take admission in famous technical University of west German named as Charlatan Burg where he had got two year study in Metallurgy. In this institute he met with harry and lead to marriage and Harry became Begum Qadeer, Begum Qadeer belongs to Holland and her father live in Hague, so Abdul Qadeer Khan with his wife went to Holland and took admission in Technological University delft in which he obtain more than 70 percent marks and maintained a new record due to his intelligence and brilliance and done M.Sc. Engineering in physical Metallurgy. Here he got a chance to work as research Assistant with famous scientist Professor W.G. Bergurzer. In 1967 he came in Pakistan but returned back.

In 1968, he were busy in research of Doctorate from the famous institute of Belgium named as Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and got the degree of doctor of Engineering in Physical Metallurgy in early duration of 1972. He also wrote many funny topics belonging on experimental researches and appreciated by metallurgic specialists during the period of Delft and Leuven. He also wrote a book “Metallurgy topic in physical” with Dr. Brabus which was published in 1972 and recorded in the books of World Classic.

He wants to qualify M.Sc. and returned to Pakistan and became Professor but nature did not want so. He got fellowship and changed his mind and busy in Ph.D. In duration of Ph.D. a university had a vacant post of Professor of Metallurgy in Australia, he applied their without wasting of any time but reply was delay on the part of university. In that time the big institute of Holland “F.D.O (Physical Dynamic research Laboratory)” where his friend works and know the abilities of Abdul Qadeer Khan, offered for a Metallurgist in their institute, he attained the opportunity of Metallurgist in Holland with the permission of his Professor. In 1972, he settled in Holland with his wife and two children in Amsterdam a capital of Holland because he was performing as a Metallurgist in Holland.

I December 1974, he became to Pakistan stay at Islamabad and after two days went to Karachi where his old mother and brother and sisters live. A stay of one week in Pakistan he again went to Holland and served his duties.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan wants a Pakistan on the level of world where it has worth of progress and unity, faith and maintained his Nationality which Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan had done in atomic level by providing the atomic power to Pakistan through which now Pakistan stands with great power and honor due to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and his intellectual skills on science and atomic power.

The proof of hardworking was showed off on 28th and 30th may when Pakistan used his atomic power on the world and maintained his worth in the world by surprising the all progressive countries by his atomic power.

Now not only in the field of sciences but also in the field of social welfare activities Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is playing his role in better way for the progress of Pakistan by Building the Institutes for getting knowledge and mosques as well for the religious knowledge.

May Allah Almighty blessed him with lot of blessings of health, wealth and respect in all over the world. Amen and thanking you.

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