Duncan Renaldo-Famous Romanian-Anmerican Actor’s Facts

Duncan Renaldo-Famous Romanian-Anmerican Actor’s Facts

Background of Duncan Renaldo

Duncan Renaldo full name was Renault Duncan Renaldo. He was a famous Romanian, American Actor in from 1950-1980. He was remembered by his many hit film “The Cisco Kid”. It was berry hit Series on the American TV Channels. Renaldo was a stoker from the coal ship some,according to some it was from Brazil, while some was saying that it was from others Romanian. He came into the United States in 1920. Renaldo was provided a pass allowing him to stay in the America for 90 days. It was due to that he breaks the law and ignored the Law. After that the U.S government released him and allowed him to stay in the U.S.

Early life and Career

Ronald told at many times during the interviews on different forums that actually he did not know that he was born. According to some sources that Renaldo was born in a Galati Country of Romanian. Renaldo did not know his Birth place, but in the documentation he mentioned that he was born in Romanian. He Came to United States in the early 1920s. He started his job as a portrait painter. He had found of creating films. He was also talented and through his word work, Renaldo First times first times signed with GSM in 1928. He worked in two suppers hit films, “The Bridge of San Luis” and “Trade Horn”. After the success of these two films he became popular in the United States. He later on movies was “Great White Hunter” which was the base for the notorious adventures in the Africa.

Renalod’s life as a Prisoner

Renaldo was once again arrested in 1934, due to the Illegal Entry in the United States. Alter on he was released with the referral of the President Franklin Roosevelt. Renaldo started catkin again and joined the Republic Studios and Poverty Row studios. In 1939 he introduced a Latin Cowboy into “The Three Mesquite’s” with the Collaboration of “Republic Head Herbert Yates”. Renaldo played his role in the film “The Tiger” in 1943. Renaldo Worked with the George Raft, Henry Fonda and John Barrymore in the Film” Spawn of the North.” He also worked with the famous actor Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman in the Film “For Whom the Bells Tolls.”

Renalod’s Famous Series

Renaldo started to play the role as an actor in the late 1940. He developed the TV Series “The Cisco Kids”. He played a role in different TV Series from1950 to 1956. It was the era of black –and –white TV. Renaldo with his black and white horse name “Diablo” was at the highest peak in Hollywood TV Film Industries. The Cisco Kids gave him Very Popularity. Even it was considered much hit series in the current time. Renaldo wrote a book of Poetry named “Drifter’s Dreams”.


Duncan Renaldo died on September 3, 1960 at the age of 76 due to lung cancer. He married two times, his fist Suzette divorced in 1940, while he married to Audrey in 1948 and she stayed with him till his death.

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