Edgar Allen Poe, A great mystery writer

Edgar Allen Poe, A great mystery writer

Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston in 19 January 1809. Edgar was adapted by Mr. John Allan and Rosali when his mother was died, while Edger was only two years old. John Allan was a successful person which was privileged for Edgar to grow up in good environment and studies. Edgar went for school when he was five or six years old, he was attended school of England. Where he learn Latin and French as well as math and history. After finishing his school, Edgar went for America and take admission in University of Virginia. When he was reached to eighteen in 1827, he was joined the U.S Army. In army Edgar was successfully attained rank of Sergeant Major. In 1831 when Edgar went to New York City. He was faced very critical situation regarding his financial situations. He was asked for help to Allan Poe and wrote him letter but no help return. He wanted to publish his poetry but no news paper, magazine or journal says yes to him. After long time of struggle, nearly four years coming after in New York, Edgar finally got job as news editor in 1935. Settling after in New York, Edgar brought his family with him.

Professional Life and Writing career:

Edgar in his professional life always remained critical and unpredictable. In 1936, year after his job as editor, Edgar was married with his cousin Virginia. He was left new papers in 1937; complaining of the poor salary, and wrote The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym but failed to find any financial success. In 1938 He wrote Ligeia and The Haunted Palace and in 1939, he was published his first volume of short stories with the name Tales of Grotesque and Arabesque. Edgar in his professional life always remains critical and unpredictable. During the these years Edgar wrote story named Gold bug which was won hundred dollar at that time, The Gold Bug was remain under circulation of around 300, 000 copies. In 1945, Edgar joins The Broadway Journal but again unfortunately the Journal ran out of money and he was again out job. He and his family moved to small cottage, current East 192nd street. Two years later his wife was died due fading depression and bad health, Edgar was badly distressed and collapsed after death of his wife but soon after year he gradually returned to health later after year but was keep remained addicted to alcohol.

Death and Funeral:

In June 1949 Edgar left New York and went to Philadelphia, month after later he went to Richmond and stayed at swan Tavern Hotel and join the sons of temperance in effort to quit drinking. After touring different countries in his last days were, came back to New York. On third of October Edgar was found dead at Gunner’s hall. Edgar was mystery writer and like his writing his death after him, became mystery which still is unsolved.

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