Edward Snowden, a Hero or Villain

Edward Snowden, a Hero or Villain

Many here at social median forums; think Edward Snowden is a hero, while many are doubted due to the allegations he had. Edward Snowden is twenty nine years old National Security Agent, He became famous at social media and consider as a hero of hackers and internet activist group.

Birht and Family:

Edward Snowden was born in 21 June, 1983 in North Carolina. His maternal grandfather was a rear admiral in united state coast guard and also he was a FBI agent in Pentagon. Like his grandfather his father was also a coast guard and was appointed at high rank, while his mother was a clerk, Sister of Edward Snowden was a highly paid lawyer at federal judicial center in Washington.

Early Education and training:

Early education of Edward Snowden, He started from 1990 in grade school. After moving to Maryland of his family, Edward takes admission in high school but could not able to continue for his mononucleosis disease for almost nine months. He takes his core java programming and trained advance hacking techniques from India in an official visit. It said that he was graduated from online master’s degree in 2011 from university of Liverpool, also Edward Snowden is well learned Mondrian Chinese speaker and well learned martial arts fighter.

Work and Controversies:

After his educations, Edward was recruited for the national security as agents. Though his all family was serving in government sector, so in their family foot step he was also came into government service. He was become news headlines, hiding some top secret data documents. Edward revealed that secrets agencies are involved in spying practices against American citizens. Edward was charged against his act but many groups were started thinking him as hero. Later after he was continued his activity involving stealing and hiding data of secret agencies from hacking and other, Edward was claimed that those documents are directly can disturb china and Hong Kong. Now Snowden remains in Russia with the US Government working of deportation.

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