Egyptian Pyramids Of Giza

Egyptian Pyramids Of Giza


Triangular shaped structures in the Giza city of Egypt called the Pyramids of Egypt are considered as the most amazing ancient structure of the world. They attract large number of visitors from all continents every year and are considered as the most amazing structure of the world. These Pyramids have made Cairo a major tourist destination for decades. Among the seven wonders of the world still existing, these pyramids are the only one.

The Pyramid Concept

Older Egyptians were known to build pyramids. In those ancient times, the pyramids were built. The most pyramids built in olden times were polished with the white limestone. The top of the pyramid is directed towards the centre of the sky in order to reflect the concept that the stars in the sky are a reflection of heaven above the earth. Total 118 pyramids are discovered so far according to 2008 research.

Construction Techniques

Pyramids are made up of Huge Quantities of stones. The stones were so huge that scientists are not able to truly figure out how it was possible in those olden times to build such heavy and massive structures without the help of any modern technology and construction methods. The water drops helped the sand get stronger and made the structures stand up. The oldest pyramid was made in 664 BC at Nuri Field.

The other six wonders of the world are not currently existing on their original location.The four most famous pyramids of Giza are Pyramid of Menkuare, Pyramid of Khafre and the great pyramid of Khufu.

Egypt Tourism and Pyramids

As we already know millions of people have visited and want to visit the great pyramids of Egypt before they die. Tourism has been on top in the 80s and 90s for Egypt due to these masterpieces of construction. But since 2010, a large number of accidents and unfortunate events have frightened the world tourists to come here. Egypt government is trying hard to promote the tourism back to its previous state. The most frequent visitors are Arabs and from Eastern European countries in 2015. In the heart of the desert plateau, the Egyptian government is trying to improve the surroundings of these antique pyramids.

These efforts have made it possible for the tourists to visit the pyramids with the help of a Taxi cab easily available in the area at a reasonable cost. It is the easiest way around Cairo to travel and using credit card is also possible in that place. Buses and Micro buses are also available to travel in that area. The camels are also available for a ride but they are risky business if you are not a camel rider and already haven’t got any experience of travelling in a sandy desert like this.

Facilities and Additional Attractions

A comfortable restroom is also available just before the pyramids. Another restroom is available near the “solar museum” if you do not like to stay that close to pyramids.All the pyramids are not open to the public to visit at the same time. Only two pyramids are opened at a given time simultaneously. The pyramids look wonderful from the outside but from the inside, they are different. In fact they are very hot and humid from the inside. It is really not easy to move inside the pyramids because the passages are hard and steep.
But definitely it is nothing less than a daring and fun filled adventure to visit these pyramids and explore their beauty.Going to these pyramids without a good budget can be risky. Therefore it is advised to take everything necessary to go inside these incredible structures. Cameras are however not allowed inside the pyramids.

The temple of Sphinx is famous for the lion with a human is 44 meters long and 22 meters wide. it called Abu el-Hol, the “Father of Terror” by the Egyptians. The nose of lion is missing but this structure is smaller than the pyramids themselves.Visiting great pyramids of Egypt can be an experience of lifetime and you will be surprised by the hospitality of people with tea or a glass of hibiscus. The beautiful sunrise is breath taking scene in the desert. You will also be amazed with the “sound and light show” during your stay. A dazzling show of laser lights in the desert is an awesome treat if you decide to take a ride to Egyptian Pyramids.

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