Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth  Holmes

Elizabeth Anne Holmes was born in February 1984, is an American woman and the CEO of Theranos. Theranos is the largest blood test company of America found in 2003. Elizabeth is a health and technology Enterprenuer who got fame and fottune for her self made skills and she is ranked as the top self made women of America. She has gained a lot of fame as a 30 year old billionaire.

Holmes was born in 1984 in Washington DC. Her father Christian Holmes also worked in different countries like USA, Africa and China as a part of USAID.  Her mother was in the congress comittee staff. She has a brother Christian holmes who is also a director in her company.

Elizabeth had a great interest in the people and serving humanity from the start. She said at the age of 9 that she wanted to explore something meaningful and new in life. Something mankind thinks is impossible to do. Her family moved to China.

Business Life

She started selling the compliers of the programming language C++ in China when they moved over there. her parents encouraged her to persue the science and technology . She graduated from the  St. John’s School in 2002. She went to Stanford University to study Chemical Engineering. She was the top scholar in the University. She received a stipend of stipend of $3,000 and began her research project.

She impressed Professor Channing Robertson who was her senior and mentor. He helped and appreciated her along the way to a path of immense learning.

Theranos and Business Success

She used the money to open a company that her parents had given her for a noble cause. She later changed the name of the company to Theranos which is the leading company in America in the filed of blood tests. Theranos and their researching team has also developed a device that is revolutionary in blood testing. The device is named as Edison.

The Edison makes use of drops of blood. First the blood is obtained through the help of a finger stick. The traditional venipuncture blood techniques is discarded by Theranos. Its founders have raised over $400 million from investors. Holmes denies the claim that the Edison is not exaggerating about the reliability of their newly developed technology. A large number of clinical pathologists and other medical experts along with the FDA Food and Drug Association also expressed some concerns about the tests of Theranos. But the major issues are being resolved in the technology. The Arizona deparment of health services also has found major issues in laboratory.

The US military is likely to get benefit from the Edision device as the issues are being removed. The board of director of Theranos is Mattis James. The theranos has been making progress and increasing its net worth. The current worth of the company is being measured at 9 billion dollars.

Holmes is known to have 18 US patents and the number is expected to grow incredible as the issues in the technology are resolved. She has been ranked as among the top self made women of  America in the Time magazine.





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