Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Early Life And Music Passion

Elvis Aaron Presley was a singer and actor in United States of America. He was born in January 8, 1935. He is also known as the king of Rock N Roll of the 20th century. He was from the State of Mississippi and moved to Memphis Tennesse with his family. He recorded his first song with classical blues and rock style. “Heartbreak Hotel” was his first hit song in 1956 and sold as a top single in United States. He became the leading rock n roll singer of America on TV and Radio.

The Great 50s & 60s For Presley

His First studio album “Love me Tender” was released in 1956.With the success of that album, his career in the Holywood movie industry also started. During the 60s he worked in the hit movies in the leading role. He had to sacrifice his live shows for movies till 1968.

Presley was a loner in high school. His teacher told him that he can become a good singer and influence the world if he tries hard. He had problems to perform openly as a shy person in his teenage. His passion for guitar made him practice it continuously. He never attended any music school and training, just worked hard for his passion. He sounded much like the black artist in his fiftees and some teenage singers also hated him for being so successful from the very first album.There were two country songs made great impact on the rock n roll history, “Jail House Rock” and ” Hound Dog”. He was also criticised by media for arousing some vulgar passions for the teenage in his performances. This did not stop him from bringing the rock music out to the mainstream.The power of youth was still behind him.His first motion picture also reflected his musical legacy.

Jail House Rock was released in 1957 which is still among the most popular movies of last century. He co-star with Judy tyler who developed close relationship with Presley. During 1959 and 60, he served military and met king and queen of Nepal at that time.His other most successful songs were ” wear my ring around your neck”, “one night” and ” A fool such as I”.He left army and returned to music in America in 1960.His next studio album was “something for everybody” that became the sixth number one album.. His album ” How great Thou Art (1967) won him the Grammy Award.Elvis married Priscilla in 1967. The next year did not do well for him after marriage and his 2 singles only made it to top 40 in 1968. But his keeness to resume live acts was tremendous.His dedication towards his passion was recognised by a journalist who named him ” The King”.

Drug Use and Death

In 1971, Presley met US president Richard Nixon in White House. His popularity was always at peak in 60 and 70s  but he was heavily using drugs and his addiction caused him to become very sick in the mid seventies. His age was only 42 when he finally could not survive due to bad health and died. He will always be remembered as “best selling solo artist” of rock n roll of all time.

The Elvis Legacy

In 1988, Post Office of Germany issued a special stamp with the picture of Elvis Presley. The modern American lifestyle is greatly influenced by the iconic music of Elvis Presley. Elvis was a bit notorious for his vulgarity but was a great artist and a musician. In 2015, a new compilation from Elvis came out by the name of “If I Can Dream”. Jail House Rock, All shook up, stuck on you, Hard headed woman, Surrender,Crying in the Chapel and Way down were one of his hit singles in 21 years.

Elvis had a short life and had a shocking death.All the new musician still listen to his tracks for inspiration not only in America but also in the Europe. He is still  a well known celebrity in Asia and Australia with his evergreen rock melodies. His 30 plus movies are available online for buying with a large number of Presley Lovers.



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