Man has already set his feet on the moon in the 20 th century. Now the scientists have done a great job for entering the first living being into the orbit of mmon. The animal was lucky enough to survive first but later had to suffer death. His name ws Laika and he was a dog. The date was Launched on November 3, 1957. Soveiet Union first decided to unite with USA to send the first animal in space. The soviet engineers chose three dogs, Mushka, Albina and Laika.

The Pre Space Exxperiments

The three dogs were passed through an experiment and a seires of test before Laika was chosen.All of them did well but the best one was Laika. Laika means “Barker” in Russian. Laika was covered in an alcohol to find out the skin changes happening to them in the space. The Laika was served with the special space food made for her.

Launch Into Space

On November 3, 1957, Sputnik 2 launched into the space with the little faithful dog.It reached the space and began orbiting the earth.It circled the earth every hour and fourty two minutes.The Soviet Union had revealed that no real recovery plan has been devised for Laika. That made its space jouney already prone to risks.Laika lasted three weeks in the space.

Death of Laika

Unfortunately Laika died due to not being able to surviving the game longer in the space. The plan was not good enough to keep the dog alive in the space alone.Some people say that she died in the spaceship in four days due to the extremely rising temparatures and burnout. The stress an dheat was unbearable for the poor creature to cope with.

How Laika died in space was not revealed until 2002. The Soviet scientist Dimitri addressed in Houston United States the true reason for Laika’s death was overheating due to temperature rise. After four decades, the world was kept in dark with the true story of her death.


The brave do however proved to the humanity that it was not impossible for a creature like her to travel and last a few days in the space.Animal rights organizations went ahead and criticized her death. Lots of debates were started in the world and that dog will always be remembered as a “Hero” due to entering the space for the first time.

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