France (The French Nation)

France (The French Nation)

The republic of France is called French republic. It is a soverign state in western Europe. It is situated near North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is Paris where commercial activities are at top in Europe.France went through a lot of civil wars in 17th century and went through major development cycles after that. It reached its peak and height near 19th an d20th century. I World War 1, France took a big part and won it. It is a global leading center of arts,science and philosophy.

The standard of living in France is very high. It is also a founding member of European Union along with UK and Germany.Also an active member of NATO, OECD and WTO. The history of life found in the area of France is 1.8 million years ago. During the 14th-19th century, the development of French language significantly took place.In the 18th century France faced a lot of financial crisis.It appeared on the map of the world on 14 July 1789. France developed very quickly into an economic power during 19th and 20th century.

The France has a hexagonal structure, situation along the coasts of Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.France shares borders with most European countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg. France is cold in winter and hot in summers. The regions located near the sea are more rainy and tropical.

France has foreign relations with most powerful countries like US, Europe and Australia.France is a generous country which is proved by its generosity towards foreign aid. It is among the biggest donors for the third world countries.The France is also ranked as the 7th largest economy in the world.Both privately owned and state owned companies including fortune 500 are operating in France. France Telecom and Air France are the most successful organizations for providing services to community.France is also the 6th largest exporter of goods in the world.Agriculture is also good in France where Wheat, Dairy, Beef and Poultry play a significant part.

When we talk of France, no one can dare to ignore the great picture of Mona Lisa painted by French artist Da Vinci which is placed in the Louvre Museum.
Tourists are crazy about visiting this museum. The other main attractions of France for tourism are Loire Valley and Eiffel Tower.The visitors never want to leave France before visiting the Eiffel Tower.

The railway network of France is really as good as Germany’s.The number of airports in France are 475.Air France provides domestic and International travelling services.There are also other private airlines who provide quality travelling services in France.

In Science and Technology, France has been efficient since 11th century.The pioneers of thermodynamics and microbiology were all born in France. France became the fourth country also to develop its nuclear weapons along with Germany and UK in Europe.Over the a large number of decades, France has provided Switzerland a great support for establishing peace.They make sure Switzerland remain fully safe from all threats of the enemies with friendly support.

The government of France has taken steps to promote French as a widely used international language. Therefore French is the official language of the country. The foreign students will have to learn it compulsory in order to peruse the hinger education in France.

France does not follow a specific religion. The culture is secular and the freedom to follow any religion is provided by the constitution.Catholics are mostly high in number when it comes to religion.Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists are also found in France.

Health care facilities are very good in France.French people are famous for not having fat bodies, they are in fact the slim people of Europe.They exercise a lot and bicycling is also very popular in France. Tour De France is the most popular bicycle race of France.

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