Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born on 6 March 1927 in Colombia (Latin America). There are many credits for which Gabrial has been known, He was journalist novelist screen writer and short story writer. He is internationally renowned and very reputable writer and author, through is writing career he wrote several books of novels and short stories but the groom of his novels like the famous “One hundred years of Solitude” (Spanish: Cien años de soledad), “love in time of cholera” (El amor en los tiempos del cólera) and “the Autumn of the Patriarch” got , no ever can take . He was born and raised in Aracataca Colombia. His father becomes Pharmacist as profession after the birth of Garcia Marquez. He was raised and lifted by maternal grandparents, Doña Tranquilina Iguarán and Colonel Nicolás Ricardo Márquez Mejía. Ten years since his grandfather died his father took him and his brother and went back to Barranquilla and Sucre.

Early Thoughts and Education

Early thoughts of García Márquez were influenced by his grandparents. He was journalist by profession and studied in national university of Colombia. He started his journalist career from 1948 writing in journal name El Universal in Cartagena. Later he moved and work as columnist in different journals and papers. In 1950 to 1952 he wrote columns in El Heraldo (Barranquilla). He was motivated to become a literary person after joining the “Barranquilla Group” which purpose to promote and motivate the new writers and literature. As he started career in literature he also meet and co work with different legendry person like “Virginia Woolf” and name like William Faulkner. Fortune favors him In Barranquilla that he was remain under world class literary environment and privileged under, to learn and inspired from them. Living in Barranquilla he was exhilarated from unique perspective of Caribbean Culture. He spent more than ten years in journalisms.

Marriage and personal Life

García Márquez weds with Mercedes Barcha in 1958. They were college student when they were first met in college. After her marriage God blessed him with son “Rodrigo García” from Mercedes, who later become a successful television and film director . In 1961 García Márquez and Mercedes Barcha traveled to Mexico and settled there.

Nobel Prize and other

“One hundred year of Solitude” and “love in time of cholera” was his major blast. These both novels led him to peak of fame that he becomes friend with Cuban President Fidel Castro. Also “One hundred year of solitude” was become the reason for his Nobel Prize in literature. He was awarded with Neustaldt Internation Prize of Literature in 1972.

Death and Funeral

García Márquez lived 87 years of life. He died in 17 April 2014 in Mexico. Cuban president at his funeral said:
“One Hundred Years of Solitude and sadness for the death of the greatest Colombian of all time”

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