George Stibitz’s Life facts, Story-George Stibitz’s Summary

George Stibitz’s Life facts, Story-George Stibitz’s Summary

George Robert Stibnite is known as a father of the modern first digital Computer in the worldwide.  He worked in Bell Telephone Labs from 1930 -1940s as a mathematical Engineered and also known for his famous work as a researcher on the realization of Boolean logic digital Circuits by using electromechanical relays as the switching element. He worked there to develop mathematical techniques and operations as compared to traditional manual system. Through his best research in digital World, Stibitz able to develop a first binary Computer in the world. His calculations and operations in mathematics and in computer science are helpful to resolve the biochemical problems during the operations.

George Robert Stibitez was born on 2oth April, 1904 in Pennsylvania, His father,  George Stibitz was a professor of theology, his mother was a math teacher as well as the Former Amelia Murphy. He belonged to an educated family and his childhood mostly spent with his parents in Dayton and Ohio. Stibitz got his early education from the Dayton and Ohio. Later on,  he completed his graduation in Bachelor of Philosophy from the Denison University, Ohio.  Stibitz received his Master degree in Science from the Union College. After getting the M.S Degree from the Union College, he started Work as a technician in General research labs in Schenectady. Later on he completed on his PhD in Mathematical Physics from the “Cornell University “in 1930. After Doctoral he worked With  Bell Telephone Labs and developed a first binary Computer and become the father of Digital Compute in worldwide.

Stibitz Worked in the National Defense Committee for five years, from 1941to 1945, during the time of 2nd World War. Stibitz also worked din Burlington VT, and developed an “Electronic Digital Minicomputer, He joined the Dartmouth faculty and served as professor in 1966 and later on in 1977 he served as a professor at Emeritus.

Stibitz married in 1930 and he had only two daughters. His Contributions to Digital World Includes the “Digital Binary Computer., Model K, Complex Number calculator.  Due to his great world and achievements of the  Digital World, he was awarded with the “harry Goode Award” from the AFIPS.  He was also awarded with the “Harry Goode Award” of the American Federation, “ Pore Award”  from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Last one was the  “Babbage Society Medal”.

George Robert Stibnite died on 31st January, 1995 at the age of 90. He buried in New Hampshire, thousands of People were attended his last Ceremony.  His legacy Provide a New soul and Platform in the digital World for upcoming generations. Go may His soul Rest in Peace.





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