Germany ( The European Power)

Germany ( The European Power)

Germany is known as Deutschland in Europe but officially called Federal Republic of Germany. It has an area of  357,021 square kilometres and is composed of 16 states. The biggest city is Berlin which is also the capital city of Germany. It is a member of European Union and is a major super power in nuclear technology and economic development. Germany is an attractive place for immigrants from worldwide due to overall lifestyle and opportunities there.

The German economy is the world’s fourth largest economy.It was also the founding member of European Union along with UK in early 90s.The Official language is German but lots of other languages are spoken in Germany like English, Austrian, French, Norwegian and Dutch. The currency of Germany is Euro which is the most precious currency in the world today. The Germany has common borders with Denmark, Poland and Czech Republic.

Climate & Foreign Relations

The climate of Germany is mostly windy due to currents of North Atlantic Ocean. Winters are normally very cold with snowfall on the mountains. The beautiful alpines are also playing a great role in the tourism of Germany with their snow capped peaks and unmatched European natural  beauty.

Germany has strong relations with more than 190 countries. All the super powers of Europe are good friends of Germany. USA, China, Japan, Australia and India also have trade relations with Germany. It is a member of NATO and is the biggest donor for the world aid also along with US and Sweden.


Germany has the most skilled workforce in the world.Being the largest economy in Europe, it spends a huge amount of GDP on Information Technology, Education and agriculture. European Central Bank in Frankfurt serves as a financial centre of Europe in Germany. The major top exports of Germany are electronics, vehicles, chemicals, pharma goods, foods, metals and rubber goods. The headquarters of 28 Fortune 500 companies are in Germany. Brand names like BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens and DHL are German based.

Germany has network of Motorways and rails inside the country. They travel fast and comfortably. Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport are the world class flying destinations.

Science And Technology

A major research and development has been done in Germany for the last few decades. 104 Germans have taken nobel prize for distinction in their fields of research so far which is a record for any nation. Famous Scientist Hans Geiger invented the Geiger Counter. Modern telecommunications and engineering technology is a result of German research and development.

Tourism & Immigration

The tourism industry is booming for Germany as it is ranked as the 7th most visited country in the world.Cities like Berlin and Frankfurt attract the world. Romantic Road is the most famous tourist route in Germany. The landmarks are also highest visited places in Germany. The most popular theme park of Europe is Europa- Park which attracts the tourists very much.

The number of migrants in Germany have been increasing since 20th century. In 2013, the rank of Germany was 11th globally in terms of immigrants in the world. Largest number of Christians  from around the world are living in Germany but according to 2011 study, Islamic has become the second largest religion in the country. Hinduism and Buddhism are also found but less than 0.5 percent.

The German Language is the most popular language in Europe. It is good to know German if you are planning to visit Europe frequently or staying in Germany for long.

Education And Music

Federal states of Germany manage education in Germany. The higher education is very low cost in Germany or free in some universities for the students of Europe and Asian countries.Primary education is compulsory. The public universities provide research facilities.

Mozart and Beethoven are the best composers of all time from Germany. The music market of Germany is the second largest in the world so far. Musicians like Modern Talking, Rammstein, Scorpions, Nina Hagen and Scooter have entertained the world with top selling videos and music in all genres.



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